Putin calls for a dialogue with the United States on August 6 at 6:18 on the expiration of the INF abolition treaty


Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a statement after the INF = medium-range nuclear missile abolition treaty expired, and if the United States began to manufacture medium-range missiles, Russia would try to make full-fledged efforts. We also called for dialogue toward breakthroughs. There seems to be a desire to avoid overheating the arms race that requires a huge amount of money.

In a statement issued by President Putin following the expiration of the INF abolition treaty, the US response was accused of "I want to emphasize that all responsibilities are in the United States."

In addition, “If we have information that the United States has begun producing medium-range missiles, we can only make serious efforts to develop these missiles.”

In connection with this, Vice Minister Lyapukov of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also crushed as a weapon for attack instead of intercepting the new interceptor missile system “Aegis Ashore”, which Japan is planning to deploy, following the revocation of the treaty. He said that it was reasonable to consider the possibility of a missile being installed, and said that “we will take that into consideration”, and the possibility of considering countermeasures is clarified.

But Putin emphasized in a statement, “We will not deploy anywhere until an American missile is deployed,” and “sincerely thought about dangerous consequences and avoided ambiguity to avoid rule-free confusion. It is necessary to start a meaningful dialogue in the United States. ”

President Putin seems to want to avoid the overheating of the arms race that requires a huge amount of money, even though the economic situation is severe, while showing the attitude to control the United States.