Low voter turnout is “low interest in politics” at 36%. NHK Poll August 6th 5:32

When the reason for the vote of the previous House of Councilors election was the second lowest in the past, NHK polls asked the reason why “because of low interest in politics” was 36%.

NHK conducted a public opinion survey using a method called “RDD” that calls random numbers on mobile phones and mobile phone numbers randomly generated by computers for men and women over the age of 18 from the 2nd of this month. .

The survey targeted 2,254 people and received responses from 1214, or 54%.

The reason why the turnout of the House of Councilors election last month was 48.80%, the second lowest in the past. ▽ Next, "Politics will not change even if voting" is 27%
▽ "Because there were no clear issues" 13%
▽ "There are no candidates or political parties you want to vote for" 9%
▽ "I think it's okay to stay as it is" was 8%.

In addition, when asked if it is better to continue the cooperation of the Constitutional Democratic Party, the National Democratic Party, the Communist Party, and the Opposition Party of the Social Democratic Party in the next House of Representatives election, “It is better to continue” 27%
▽ 19% should not continue
▽ 44% said "I can't say either".

When asked how much they are interested in the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which are less than a year old, ▽ "I am very interested" was 26%
▽ 43% are "interested to some extent"
▽ 20% are "not very interested"
▽ "No interest at all" was 6%.