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Ayuso's investiture will end the longest interim government in Madrid since the 'Tamayazo'


Between this Monday and Tuesday the president of the Assembly of Madrid, Juan Trinidad, will maintain a new round of contacts with all parties represented in the Asamb

  • Program One of the first measures Ayuso will take will be to reduce taxes in 2020
  • Pacts: The Government in Madrid is unlocked after Vox renounces the repeal of LGBTI laws

Between Monday and Tuesday, the president of the Madrid Assembly, Juan Trinidad, will maintain a new round of contacts with all parties represented in the Madrid Assembly, the third since the elections were held. This time it is only a mere parliamentary formalism because, without the risk of doing a spoiler , it can be said that the conclusion will be that Isabel Díaz Ayuso is the only candidate who has the number of support needed to be appointed regional president.

It is only therefore necessary to set the call for the investiture plenary session in the Chamber of Vallecas with which the election will be formalized, for which several dates are being considered, but everything indicates that before August 15 the popular candidate will have taken possession . This act will also end the longest interim government in the history of the region with the exception of the Tamayazo era, in which Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón had to combine for half a year his condition of newly elected mayor of the capital with the Acting Presidency of the Regional Executive until the elections were repeated.

Except for that anomalous and brief legislature marked by the transfuguism of two deputies of the PSOE, no Madrid president had remained provisionally in the Puerta del Sol for more than a month. Pedro Rollán, who currently holds the position, will have been four when he relieves Ayuso.

Two factors have intervened in the extension of this provisional mandate. The most immediate has been the complexity of the negotiations between the parties of the center-right block, which took 67 days from the 26-M scrutiny to agree to place the PP candidate at the head of the first coalition government in the region , with Cs as a partner and with the external support of Vox for his appointment.

Four years ago, when the also popular Cristina Cifuentes had to agree on her investiture with the orange formation because she lacked the absolute majority of her predecessors, she could not sit in her office at the Royal Post Office until June 25, a month later of the elections. This circumstance placed Ignacio González at the head of the hitherto second longest interim, now pulverized by the delay in reaching a three-way agreement that will leave the unprecedented situation of an election in the middle of August.

But it is also that Rollán acceded to the regional Presidency on April 11, 2019, when the new appointment with the ballot boxes was already called, so he did it in functions from the beginning. This peculiar circumstance, which was also joined by the fact that he was the third person to occupy such responsibility in four years , earned him the nickname among his own peers in the ranks of Pedro the brief , although in the end his term has ended more than they expected in the PP.

During the same, he had to live one of the most complex political and personal moments of his career: the unexpected march of his predecessor and personal friend, Ángel Garrido, to Ciudadanos. It happened only one day after he had said publicly that the escape that was occurring from popular Vox in his village "has a name," implicitly calling them chaqueteros.

A multifaceted politician

Beyond the shock of this surprising news, the provisional Government headed by Rollán has had to face the ordinary management of 55 million euros a day . In addition, it has faced the largest fire in the Community of Madrid of the last decade, which swept 2,183 hectares of Cadalso de los Vidrios, Cenicientos y Rozas de Puerto Real, has made progress in the construction of the eight new fire stations in the region , with the tender of the works of the majority of them, and the project of extension of Line 11 of the Metro has finished, as they remember in their equipment.

The acting president and former mayor of Torrejón de Ardoz has also been a multifaceted advisor in these four years , in which he has held the portfolios of Transportation, Environment and Presidency. He did it during the mandates of Cifuentes, who had to resign cornered by the Master case after the dissemination of a video about his alleged theft of creams, and Garrido, which he replaced after his departure to theoretically stand for European elections with the PP before crossing the street to leave with a loud bang to Cs.

One of the unknowns that will have to be cleared in the coming days is what will be the future of Rollán, which some in the party place in the pools of possible members of the new Government, although many place it outside of them. His name was one of those that rang to occupy one of the two places of senators by autonomous designation that the popular have, but this option did not bear fruit among other reasons because he would have had to resign as president and it would have been necessary to seek a new substitute for the already substitute.

With the end of the second longest interinity at the Puerta del Sol, the most atypical legislature is closed since Tamayazo, which will give way to another no less peculiar with two rival parties distributing power . But that will be another story.

Waiting for the investiture date

From least to greatest number of deputies, representatives of all parties will meet with the president of the Madrid Assembly, Juan Trinidad, in the third round of contacts for the proposal of candidates for the Regional Presidency. Today will be the turn of Isa Serra (United We Can), Rocío Monasterio (Vox) and Íñigo Errejón (More Madrid), at 11.00, 11.30 and 12.00, respectively. With the same time cadence, on Tuesday Ignacio Aguado (Cs), Isabel Díaz Ayuso (PP) and Ángel Gabilondo (PSOE) will do the same. From that moment on, the first session of the Plenum of Investiture could be convened within 48 hours, which for practical purposes would allow August 8th the 'popular' candidate Isabel Díaz Ayuso to deliver her speech and on August 9 it would be the vote. However, it is most likely that it will finally be the week of August 12 in which the parliamentary process for the implementation of the new legislature with the first two-color government is completed.

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