A 25-year-old Asian salesman met a pleasant 10-year-old girl by harassing her in an elevator.

The incident began according to the investigations of the Dubai Public Prosecution when the girl entered the elevator in the building where she lives in the area of ​​Freij al-Marr. Suddenly she found a hand that extended to stop the elevator in an unusual way. The suspect rode with her, telling him not to put his hand again in this way so as not to break or get injured , Then apologized to her accused, and then surprised him touch her shoulder and continue to reach sensitive areas of her body, and asked her on any floor to live, Vkbertha and then ran as soon as she opened and told her brother what happened, pointing out that the accused deliberately contact with them although the elevator can accommodate six people.

The man went out to look for the accused, but he tried to find him but to no avail. He informed Nayef police station about the incident. Police officers were present and inspected the surveillance cameras in the area, but it turned out that the man was not a resident of the building. He was referred by the Dubai Public Prosecution to the Criminal Court which started his trial.