29 people were killed in two shootings in El Paso and Ohio, USA.

Donald Trump said Sunday that "hatred" had no place in the United States, the day after two shootings that killed 29 people, he blamed a "problem of mental illness." "There is no room for hatred in our country," said the US president since New Jersey in his first televised appearance since the dramas.

ESSENTIAL - What is known about the two shootings that killed 29 people in the United States

"It has to stop, it has been going on for years," he continued, referring to the large-scale killings that regularly hit the United States. "We have already done a lot but maybe we have to do more," he said.

El Paso: authorities suspect racist motive

Authorities suspect a racist motive that drove a 21-year-old white man to open fire in a supermarket in El Paso, close to the Mexican border, killing 20 people on Saturday, including six Mexicans.

The Republican leader was the direct target of criticism from his Democratic opponents after the El Paso shooting, which accused him of fueling the rise of intolerance with his anti-immigrant rhetoric. "The President in person promotes racism and white supremacy," Senator Elizabeth Warren, a favorite of the Democratic primary, wrote on Twitter.

"These people are suffering from a very serious mental illness"

"White supremacy, like any other form of terrorism, is a plague that must be destroyed," President Ivanka Trump's own daughter tweeted before her father's words were spoken. The republican billionaire has kept himself from using this term, referring the explanation of the drama to an argument frequently advanced in the Republican ranks. "There is also a problem of mental illness in both cases," added the Republican billionaire. "These people are suffering from a very serious mental illness," he said.

In Dayton, Ohio, nine people lost their lives. The shooter, also a white man, aged this time 24, was shot. The police can not, at this stage, give reasons to explain his actions.

In his brief speech, the White House tenant thanked the police, who intervened in less than a minute after the start of the shooting. And said he would make an announcement the next morning without further details.