Skating in the desert

Abu Dhabi in July. It's so hot that I do not like to walk ten feet during the day. It's better in Café Rain. This shop in the government district opened two years ago. The owner chose the name Rain with care: he loves rain. Here at the gulf it dribbles two, three times a year.

All climate studies show that the Gulf States are hit particularly hard by the earth-heating. In the year 2100, it was said in the magazine Nature, the United Arab Emirates could have become uninhabitable. Water is already scarce. Actually, there should be panic here. First of all, however, there is always fresh 19 degrees inside. Without air conditioning, this region is not habitable anyway. At least not since people live in concrete blocks in the desert instead of in airy tents in oases. This life also takes place in an air-conditioned parallel world: in malls and indoor parks, including skating rink and skate rental.

At Café Rain, the manager tells us that she was in Germany last year: Munich in the summer of the century. She did not like it at all: "Too hot, why do not you use air conditioners in Germany?" I scare. Sure, if there are still such hot summers, then the Germans will buy air conditioners. And then the climate crisis can be replaced with a cool head again.

Lea Frehse

Summer proven Bundeswehr

The new defense minister wishes that soldiers can be seen more often in the Deutsche Bahn, not just privately, but in uniform. Above all, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer wishes more vows. Before the Reichstag and the Bundeswehr's birthday on 12 November in all federal states.

At the vows on the day of the Stauffenberg bombing, July 20, 400 recruits in sunshine in the main courtyard of the Ministry of Defense stigmatize their swearing-in.

It was not too long before the first ones overturned. Certainly six or seven recruits were subtly transported away by their comrades. Worryingly! However, seasoned defense rapporteurs only waved tiredly. That happens constantly. It is not without being, motionless and without drink in the sun. After all, the exchange is organized on a generalized basis: at the first sign of a slight waver, it was learned comrades come from the background to catch the dehydrated, while another comrade silently intervenes to close the ranks again.

It may also be attributed to the heat that it took several days before the expected call for counter-demonstrations in vows from the ranks of the left was heard. From Greens this is no longer expected.

Tina Hildebrandt

The other heat death

A few weeks ago I was at a Formula E race in Brooklyn. Large fans sprayed water on bodies heated by the blazing sun, water was in vain, and yet the mood was rather irritating. Then, as one of the security company shooed viewers away from the wide picnic tables, back behind a fierce advertising fence, the atmosphere simmered and the angry spectators tore down the ad with a yelp.