At least 20 people were killed in a mall in the US state of Texas on Saturday after a man started shooting around him. It was already the sixteenth mass shootout in the US this year, which on average amounts to one extremely deadly shooting incident per twelve days.

The American intelligence service FBI has never said when a shooting incident enters the books as a mass shooting. However, if at least three people are shot in such an event, then there is a mass killing, ABC News writes. The perpetrator is not included as a victim.

The first such tragic event took place on January 23, when five people were killed in a bank robbery in a Florida bank. Barely twenty-four hours later, four people were shot in the state of Georgia. Another two days later a man shot five family members in Louisiana.

There were no fewer than four fatal mass shootings in the month of February, in which seventeen people were killed. In the past four months, another nine mass shootings followed, the last of which took place in California on Monday. Then at a garlic festival three visitors, including two children, were shot.

A total of 76 people died in the above incidents. In the US, many more 'smaller' shootings take place, often killing a few people. Looking at those figures, the US is shocked almost every day by a shooting incident, according to US media.

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Call for stricter gun law ever bigger after shooting at school

In multiple shooting incidents at schools in the United States, no fewer than 113 people were killed in 2018, writes BBC News. As a result, the call for a stricter arms law is getting louder.

A stricter arms policy would reduce violence against arms, according to a crowd led by student and activist Emma Gonzaléz. She survived the shooting at a school in Parkland and has since organized protest marches.

The American president Donald Trump said earlier that he was in favor of arming teachers. He thinks, like other proponents, that it is the best way to prevent new fatal shooting incidents at school.

New shooting is one of the most deadly in US history

The shooting in El Paso, Texas, is one of the most deadly mass shootings in the US in the last five decades. Seven incidents claimed even more victims.

Three of them happened in the last three years. Attacks at a concert in Las Vegas (58 deaths, 2017), gay nightclub in Orlando (49 deaths, 2016) and a church in Texas (26 deaths, 2017) resulted in no fewer than 133 fatalities.

The number of fatalities in Texas can still rise. Dozens of people are still in the hospital with multiple injuries.


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