The corresponding document was published by the press service of the US Foreign Office.

The new package of sanctions will take effect 15 days after publication and will be valid for at least a year.

“(Sanctions include - RT ) prohibiting US banks from participating in the primary market of Russian sovereign debt, not denominated in rubles, and lending to the Russian government not in rubles, as well as additional restrictions on licensing under the list of goods and technologies of the Ministry of Commerce (USA “ RT ),” said a statement released by the US Department of State’s Twitter.

In addition, Washington will oppose the issuance of any credit or financial assistance to Russia by international financial organizations, including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Earlier in the Russian embassy in Washington, they noted that the United States decided to take over the functions of the supreme arbiter and appoint the perpetrators without any evidence.

The first package was introduced by the United States in August 2018 and provided for restrictions, mainly related to the sale of weapons and dual-use products.