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The Yemeni army opens a new front in the "Qatabir" Saada and controls the area and market «Al Thabet»


Military sources confirmed that Yemeni army forces, supported by the Arab alliance, managed to liberate the Al-Thabit area and market in Saada governorate in northern Yemen while continuing to advance in the vicinity of the center of the Kataf Directorate.

Military sources confirmed that Yemeni army forces, supported by the Arab coalition, managed to liberate the Al-Thabit area in the northern governorate of Saada while continuing to advance in the vicinity of the center of the Kataf Directorate, while the Houthi-backed militias continued their military escalation on the western coast fronts of Yemen , And continued military operations of the combined forces on the fronts north and west of Dali.

In the details, Yemeni military sources in Saada said that the army forces, backed by the Arab alliance, were able to enter the Al-Thabit area in the Qataber district in Saada after carrying out a military operation described as quality, with the support of the people of the region who declared their loyalty to the legitimacy and the Arab alliance The Iranian-backed Houthi-backed militia, which targeted them with the rockets of the earthquake, last week, killing 14 and wounding dozens of people from the region.

The sources pointed out that units of the "Hawks Brigade of Yemen" managed to enter the area and Souk Al-Thabit with the support of the people of the region, and was able to secure several areas in the vicinity of the market, including a strategy to lead forces to more dynamic and strategic areas, To remove the mines planted by the militias in the market and areas and villages belonging to the Al-Thabit tribes, which declared war against the militias that targeted the Al-Thaqat market with "earthquakes" last week.

According to field sources, the process of liberating the al-Thabit area and market was supported by the army and coalition fighters, pointing out that the operation was lightning as a result of the residents of the area standing with the army forces and fighting and opening their areas to advance them and expel the militias from them.

In Kataf, militia members received a severe blow by the army and coalition fighters, which resulted in the death of a number of their members, including prominent leaders, as a result of targeting the Al-Ashash area with a series of raids and artillery shelling by coalition fighters and Yemeni army forces during the past two days, destroying their fortifications And the death of a large number of their members, including field commanders.

The leadership of the coalition and the Yemeni army called on residents of the northern, southern and western regions of the Kataf Center to move away from the Houthi militia headquarters and members because they were targeted and to monitor all their movements, as well as to monitor the road between Saada and Kataf to monitor the movements of militias and their military mechanisms.

In Hodeidah on the western coast of Yemen, field battles erupted yesterday between the joint forces and the Iranian militia in the area of ​​July 7 and east of the city of Saleh, after the militia tried to progress under a cover of fire, which came in the context of its continuous military escalation on the fronts Coast, and continued targeting of the combined forces and residential neighborhoods on the fronts of Hodeidah.

The sources pointed out that the battles coincided with the heavy bombardment by the Houthi militias of various types of weapons on the positions of the joint forces in the mountainous area of ​​the Directorate of Tahita.

On Sunday, the militias targeted the joint positions along the seam areas in the eastern city of Hodeidah, using artillery shells on an intermittent basis. They also opened fire on the positions with medium machine guns. Field movements of Houthi groups and mechanisms were also observed in Al-Hodeidah city, Neighborhoods and residential communities near seam lines.

In the meantime, the Media Center of the Yemeni Giants forces reported that the Houthi militias mobilized hundreds of fighters towards the Directorate of Tahita and reinforced their positions with military vehicles, artillery and heavy and medium weapons in the context of the dangerous escalation in Hodeidah, and mobilized dozens of military vehicles carrying hundreds of gunmen coming from areas adjacent to the mountains, And stationed in the periphery of the region.

In Hays, the Houthi militia targeted residential compounds north of Hays district south of Hodeidah, using heavy artillery shells and various weapons. They fired artillery shells at civilian houses. Mortar shells landed in the north of the Directorate, while others fell on a farm.

A spokesman for the brigades of the Giants, Maamoun al-Mahjami, said that the militias targeted residential areas in the city of Hays with medium weapons, where they intensified the beatings and sniping with bullets 12.7 and 14 of the bedrooms and apartments of the civilian houses in the city, stressing that "the militias continue their abhorrent violations against civilians and against the joint forces, Days of the truce to take the lives of more civilians and military ».

On the other hand, the Houthi militias recognized the killing of a senior field commander in the town of Hodeidah, called Maasar Shu'i al-Salami, who was killed by the joint forces while trying to lead an attack on areas shared in the city of Hodeidah last Tuesday.

In an argument, the military forces of the Fifth Military Region intercepted and shot down a march aircraft launched by the Houthi militia towards the Directorate of Hiran north of Hajjah, according to the media center of the fifth region. He pointed out that the militia aircraft was shot down, argument.

He pointed out that this aircraft is the third march that the army has been facing in the skies of liberated areas north of the province of Hajjah since the beginning of this year, including aircraft tried to target a popular market in the center of the Directorate of Hiran in March.

The forces of the fifth military zone destroyed a sea mine left by the militias of Houthi in the Red Sea coast west of Hajjah, and a patrol of the naval formation forces of the fifth military zone found and destroyed the mine near the port of Beis of the Abes Directorate.

In Dhalia, Yemeni forces continued their advance on the northern and western fronts of Dali, while militias targeted residential villages with artillery, wounding one woman and two children, after a Houthi shell fell on a wedding ceremony in the village of El-Baccama,

It is noteworthy that the village of punk has been subjected to bombardments and targeting by the Houthis, resulting in many innocent victims, and the destruction and damage to a number of homes and property of citizens, the most recent destruction of a water machine.

Source: emara

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