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Photo taken July 31, 2019 aboard the humanitarian ship "Alan Kurdi" of the German NGO Sea-Eye, which rescued 40 people in the Mediterranean. Alan Kurdi, who remained on the 1st of August off the Italian island of Lampedusa, returned to Malta. PAVEL VITKO / AFP

The humanitarian ship Open Arms rescued 69 migrants off the coast of Libya in the night, adding to the 55 people he recovered on Thursday and the 40 on board the ship Alan Kurdi , all waiting for a port to land. .

While the Ocean Viking , the new ship of SOS Mediterranean and Doctors Without Borders (MSF), is preparing to sail for the relief zone off the coast of Libya, Alan Kurdi of the German NGO Sea-Eye and the Open Arms of the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms took action one after the other.

The Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms announced Friday, August 2 to have spotted in the middle of the night a boat in difficulty. On board: 69 people with " terrible signs of violence ", including two children and " a nine-month pregnant woman with contractions ".

There were already two babies and fifteen women on the Open Arms , who were part of a group of 55 people found on Thursday August 1st adrift on a boat that was catching water and threatened to capsize. With 124 people huddled under tarpaulins on the deck, the Open Arms headed north, but its destination was not yet clear.

40 migrants saved by Alan Kurdi

Alan Kurdi rescued a few days before 40 migrants from West Africa, including a six-month-old pregnant woman, three young children, a man shot and two survivors of the bloody bombing of the Tajoura detention center. July near Tripoli.

A few days earlier, Sea-Watch, another German NGO, had chosen to defy the ban and forcefully disembark its migrants in Lampedusa. If justice has invalidated the arrest of his captain Carola Rackete , the ship has since been in receivership.

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Forbidden to enter Italian waters

The Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini , has signed a decree forbidding the Open Arms and Alan Kurdi, ship of the NGO Sea-Eye to enter Italian territorial waters, as for Alan Kurdi, ship of the German NGO Sea-Eye blocked since Thursday off the island of Lampedusa with 40 migrants rescued Wednesday.

If NGO ships " enter Italian territorial waters, we will seize them one by one. We'll see who gets tired first, "Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini warned Thursday.

Alan Kurdi stayed Thursday off the island of Lampedusa, before departing on Friday 2 August to Malta.

(With AFP)