“On August 2, 2017, the US President signed the law PL 11544 on counteracting the enemies of America, where the main place was given to our country. In this law, the United States actually established a kind of schedule. From the text it follows that several times a year the American government should give the congress various proposals on how to increase pressure on Russia. At the moment everything happens in the logic of this law. The reason for them is not a reason, but frequency, ”he said.

According to Klimov, if it were not for the case of Sergei Skripal, "The United States would have come up with something else."

“These measures have no direct relation to the Violinists, they are aimed at stopping the influence of Russia,” Klimov concluded.

Earlier in the United States reported the introduction of a second package of sanctions against Russia in connection with the case of Skripale.