Rome (AP) - Two blocked rescue ships with a total of more than 160 migrants on board increase the pressure on Malta and Italy to let the people create.

The Spanish aid organization Proactiva Open Arms is traveling with 123 migrants on the Mediterranean - a woman is nine months pregnant and in labor, twittered NGO boss Oscar Camps. The "Alan Kurdi" of the German organization Sea-Eye was still waiting on Friday with 40 migrants off the Italian island of Lampedusa and was not allowed to dock. And in France, the "Ocean Viking" of SOS Méditerranée and Doctors Without Borders is ready to leave for the search area off Libya.

But Italy was hard as always. The "Alan Kurdi" had rescued people in the middle of the week and set course for Italy. The Italian Coastguard Operations Headquarters had now told Sea-Eye that the Maltese authorities were responsible "even though the vessel is just outside Lampedusa", the Regensburg organization tweeted. "Malta is more than 20 hours away. An unbearable quarrel is fought on the backs of the refugees. »

Italy's right-wing interior minister Matteo Salvini has already banned the ship's entry and threatened to confiscate it should it land in Italy.

The Spanish aid organization Proactiva is also looking for a safe haven. The rescue ship "Open Arms" had rescued on the night of Friday, another 68 migrants off the Libyan coast. The ship now has 123 people on board, after 55 mostly Eritrean people were rescued from a leak hit boat on Thursday, Camps said. In addition to pregnant women, nine-month-old twins are on board. The migrants taken on board at night showed clear signs of violence suffered in Libya, according to Camps.

Italy had also already told this ship that it should not invest. Captain Marc Reig told Spanish television on board that he had turned to all the competent authorities in Libya, Malta and Italy - but did not receive an answer. The ship is flying the Spanish flag.

Soon, a third ship could come to it: The «Ocean Viking» wants to drive off from Marseille and would then take about two days to the rescue area. The ship can accommodate about 200 people.

Italy's populist government since taking office more than a year ago refuses to let NGO ships moor. Rome not only wants migrants to be distributed to other EU countries. The government also insists that the ships do not all dock in Italian ports. The EU has long argued for a distribution mechanism - a solution does not yet exist.

Salvini accused the federal government of "blackmail". In an e-mail, the German government had suggested that Italy take over 30 migrants from the Italian coastguard ship "Gregoretti", when in return the 40 migrants on the German rescue ship "Alan Kurdi" in Italy should get off, he said on Thursday.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior did not respond. The ministry said: "It is important to the Federal Government to save people from drowning and to prevent ships from lying for days or weeks in front of the European ports before they are allowed to dock." That is why the government has come this year in all cases for voluntary takeover from the Mediterranean rescued agreed. "In this case, too, the" Gregoretti ", an Italian coast guard ship, has voluntarily agreed with the European Commission, which coordinates the redistribution of maritime rescuers, to take over responsibility for carrying out the asylum procedure for some of the rescuers."

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