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Attacks of Aden and Dammam .. Has the UAE abandoned its allies?


Al Jazeera Net - Sanaa

Aden in the south and Dammam in the north, the two cities were the target of the Houthi missiles at one time, in an event that rearranges the military scene of the war in Yemen, which enters its fifth year, amid large variables.

The ballistic missile fired by the Houthis at 8:30 am on Thursday targeted a military parade organized by security forces loyal to the United Arab Emirates, at the Jalala camp in Brega area west of Aden.

Explosions broke out in the camp near the headquarters of the fortified UAE forces in Brega, and the Houthis announced they were targeting a military parade with a short-range ballistic missile and a marching plane carrying large quantities of explosives.

The attack resulted in the largest loss suffered by the UAE forces since its establishment in mid-2016. More than 35 soldiers were killed, including the 1st Brigade Commander, Major General Munir al-Yafa'i, known as Abu al-Yamamah.

Two hours later, a long-range ballistic missile fired by the Houthis drove about 1,300 kilometers into the city of Dammam, east of Saudi Arabia.

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Goals are exposed
The attacks opened the door to many questions about the ability of the group - fighting in a continuous battle since 2015 - to take the initiative, especially after the UAE announced its withdrawal from the west coast of Yemen.

According to a military source Huthi - not to be named - the group decided to take decisive decisions regarding the war, and the start of pre-emptive attacks on the Saudi-Saudi forces and forces loyal to them.

He added to Al Jazeera Net that the attack on Aden and Dammam in one time puts the defense fortifications of the alliance in the circle of doubt, and confirms that Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the place of targeting.

"Two attacks deep inside the enemy sites confirm that he and his commanders - whether Emirati, Saudi or mercenaries (the forces loyal to the UAE) - are totally exposed, and at a moment we may regain control of the city of Aden, which is still in the range of our fire."

The source pointed out that his group "has a unified strategy and deliberate, including confronting the Emiratis and the forces loyal to them in southern Yemen until the withdrawal of the UAE in full, or the cities and facilities of Abu Dhabi may be a clear goal, and Expo 2020 may be in the range of threat.

According to the source, the attack on the camp security forces in Aden after a large intelligence operation, preceded the attack on the positions of the Huthi forces in Dhala, confirming that the group has become a step forward intelligence on the Saudi-UAE alliance.

The source did not give further details of where the missile was fired at the Jalala camp in Aden or the nature of the targeted target in the Saudi city of Dammam.

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Strong messages
During the two operations, the Houthis announced the development of a ballistic missile with a range of more than 1,200 kilometers, a step described by the spokesman of the Houthi forces Brigadier General Yehia Sari as qualitative.

The military expert Brigadier General Khalid Gharab that the detection of the Huthis of these sophisticated weapons may restore the accounts of the Saudi-UAE alliance in the war on Yemen.

He added that these operations may make the UAE - specifically - accelerate the withdrawal from Yemen and stop supporting the mercenaries in the West Coast and the south, which will make the country floundering in its conflicts in the region rethink its war in Yemen.

He pointed out that the tactics that the UAE might take in the coming days will have to follow the example of Saudi Arabia.

"As Ansar Allah's planes have reached the Saudi depth and destroyed the oil pipelines, the group is capable of targeting any military site or facility," said Ghorab. "This is what Saudi Arabia has seen, which has seen a decline in economic activity and a withdrawal of Korean companies investing in southern Saudi Arabia."

Where is the UAE?
In the hymn of victory among the Huthis, the language of despair dominates the local forces allied to the UAE.

"The UAE has abandoned its allies in Yemen and may have been complicit in yesterday's attack," said Major Ahmed Al-Jazeerat, the commander of the Amalekite forces.

Ahmed explained that the rocket launched by the Houthis passed over the command of the UAE forces in the area of ​​Brega, and then went to the camp of evacuation, without operating missiles missile defense system, which fired missiles automatically, especially that the target was a ballistic missile.

"The headquarters of the UAE forces were easier for the Houthis than the evacuation camp, and for them it is a very important target," he says.

Ahmed stressed that the attack was coordinated between Emiratis and Houthis, especially following the UAE-Iranian agreements during the past two days, to secure navigation in the Straits of Hormuz and enhance the security of their common border.

"The UAE has abandoned us and Saudi Arabia, and today it says to the Houthis allied with Iran that Yemen has been left to you."

Source: aljazeera

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