The al-Houthi group on Friday showed pictures of a ballistic missile that hit the city of Dammam in eastern Saudi Arabia yesterday and said it had launched a preemptive attack on the Yemeni army in Aden to foil the "coalition plans", asserting its control of 15 sites in southern Saudi Arabia.

In a press conference held today, the military spokesman in the name of the Huthis Yahya Sarii showed pictures of the "volcano three" missile, which targeted an important military location in Dammam, stressing that the missile is a factory locally and it is one of the most important strategic deterrent weapons used in the framework of " Right of the Yemeni people. "

He pointed to the rapid expansion of missiles and aircraft owned by the Houthis, allowing to hit several targets at the same time "deep in the countries of aggression."

The military spokesman on behalf of the Houthis, the implementation of four rocket operations against the concentrations of the Saudi army and coalition forces, pointing out that the operations came after careful intelligence monitoring and cooperation from inside Saudi Arabia.

He also said the Houthi group had taken control of 15 Saudi military positions in Jazan and Najran in southern Saudi Arabia over the past three days, adding that targeting Khamis Mushait base had crippled it by more than 60 percent.

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Attack of Aden
On the internal front, a spokesman for the Houthis said that the attack on the camp of the evacuation in the capital Aden Aden, a branch of the security forces backed by the UAE, came after careful intelligence monitoring and cooperation from the parties in Aden.

He accused Saudi Arabia of failing to respect the understandings of the safe areas in the areas of Manbeh and Al Thabet in the Directorate of Qatabar border north of Saada province near the border with it.

He pointed out that the Saudi-Saudi forces launched 407 raids on various Yemeni provinces last month.

Yesterday, two explosions occurred in Al-Jala refugee camp in western Aden during a military parade of forces loyal to the United Arab Emirates, which resulted in the deaths of more than 35 soldiers, including the commander of support and support forces, Maj. Munir Al-Yafi'i, On a military site in Dammam, about 1,300 km from Yemen.