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Steve Jobs did not expect their success .. What do you recommend Apple employees Genius Bar?


Genius Bar has become an integral part of Apple's stores, where customers can book an appointment with a team member when they need help with their Apple devices or if they want to fix it.

The Genius Bar service is designed to make the customer's job much easier, but Apple's late CEO, Steve Jobs, appears to have been less enthusiastic about the idea of ​​Genius Bar initially.

Apple's former head of retail division, Ron Johnson, said that when Genius Bar was first introduced to the late Steve Jobs, he replied: "This is very stupid, it will not work at all."

However, Ron defended his idea, explaining to Steve Jobs that most of the people who will be assigned to this service will actually be in their twenties, and they will have grown up with the technology they support, and that was enough to convince the late Steve Jobs.

Now, 18 years after the creation of the Genius Bar team, what are its employees advising customers?

Do not make use of the phrase "refurbishment"
"We should not focus on what is currently considered the most modern and wonderful device since the devices are the same, but they are being refurbished," said one former Genius Bar staff.

"Apple devices that Apple renewed are always low-priced and have the same warranty," said Nicole Talercio, who used to work for Apple.

This reduction is for teachers and students
"Students and teachers, regardless of age and where they are studying, are entitled to substantial discounts on Mac devices," said Talircio.

By Ron Johnson When the idea of ​​"Genius Bar" was put on the late Steve Jobs did not get excited at first (Getty Images)

Some fixes are easy
Talersio said some customers did not consider their iPhone to need to be rebooted, which could easily be done at home. In addition, Talersio encourages users to do so before going to Apple's stores for help.

Exchange deal
You should not be discouraged if your equipment is turned off. You have a one-year warranty on earphones and wires if purchased directly from Apple's stores.

"The earphones can be replaced by an appointment with Genius Bar, and sales staff can not replace the device accessories as they need to be compatible with the iPhone," said Talersio.

Apple Care service
The writer pointed out that when buying a device will pay for the service, "Apple Care," which some believe that insurance on a product.

In contrast, according to one source within Apple, this service is an extension of the warranty provided by the manufacturer. In addition, you should check the products covered by Apple Care.

Privileges for the employee
"In the past, Apple employees used to be able to buy desktops and laptops, as well as iPods, for a 75 percent reduction if the product reaches the end of its life cycle," said Talercio.

For their part, some employees point out that wages in retail locations are weak, although they are improving.

Apple employees use Mac devices with many flaws (Getty Images)

Everyone should applaud
The author said that Apple is adopting a culture of applause. "The staff will greet you as soon as you are in the company, and the applause will come to the room at the end of each meeting and on the final day of the employee after you resign."

Training Manual
The author noted that a few years ago, the site "Gizmodo" a copy of the secret training manual for Apple employees.

For starters, they are not allowed to use "negative" words in the stores where they work. Furthermore, they are not allowed to use the term "malfunction," instead they will say that the device "stops responding" and that employees are not allowed to use the word "malfunction". They should describe what happened to the problem or situation.

Honesty is the best policy
The expert said Apple's experts could reveal the truth about what happened to the device if it decided to hide it.

"We know you're lying, and we have a lot of rules in place for you, but if we find out you're lying, we can not do that," said James Apple, an Apple employee who was interviewed by Mental Floss.

Employees recommend backing up data in your device before meeting an expert, so it does not take long (Getty Images)

Apple employees do not enjoy the best
Back at headquarters, many Apple employees were found to be using Mac devices with a lot of flaws, with the aim of detecting hardware problems that the consumer might face.

"Most devices work after testing for all programs, often updated every two weeks," said programmer Brent Royal-Gordoni for Business Insider.

As a result, the company will ensure that it finds a lot of errors and flaws by the Genius Bar team before reaching the consumer's hands. "

Success and only
If you have many problems that need to be solved at Genius Bar, set consecutive dates so that you can spend more time with the professionals.

Appointments are usually set in 15-minute increments, so it's best to ask for more time.

In addition, staff recommend backing up data on your device before meeting an expert, so it does not take long for your total time.

Source: aljazeera

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