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A radical blow: Lyashko said the union with Klitschko against the "green plague"


Against the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and his party "Servant of the People", which won the most seats in the Verkhovna Rada following the results of the elections, an extra-parliamentary coalition was formed. According to the leader of the Radical Party, Oleg Lyashko, his political force will act together with the party Vital Clicquot "Strike". According to the politician, they intend to “stop the" green plague "offensive. Experts note that both Lyashko and Klitschko are trying to adapt to the new Ukrainian realities. However, how exactly they will resist Zelensky, given that they have no representation in the Rada, it is not clear, analysts say.

In the political establishment of Ukraine outside the Verkhovna Rada a new coalition has been formed. The participants were the Radical Party of Ukraine and the Udar Party Vitaly Klitschko. The leader of the radicals, Oleg Lyashko, announced this on his Facebook page. Political forces will engage in opposition to the political course pursued by the current President Vladimir Zelensky and his party “Servant of the People”.

“I have great news for every Ukrainian, for every person who worries about the fate and future of our state. I suggested that the lawfully elected mayor of Kiev stop the green plague offensive against Kiev’s self-rule and the seizure of Ukraine. Vitaliy (Klitschko. - RT ) showed it like this, ”said Lyashko in a video message, showing a raised thumb.

At the same time, the politician also appealed to the leaders of other parties with a proposal to unite and eliminate contradictions among themselves in order to jointly become stronger and protect Ukraine from the “green plague”.

Note that the "relationship" Lyashko and Zelensky last for several years. In particular, the acting head of state, while still a participant in the show "Evening quarter", parodied the head of the Radical Party. He, in turn, responded with insults, once calling the comedian "degenerate without a clan or tribe."

At the same time, in May, Lyashko interrupted Zelensky during his inaugural speech, since he used the Russian language, speaking of the inhabitants of Donbass. In response, the elected president of Ukraine called for an end to “dividing people.”

Later on, the leader of the Ukrainian radicals called the head of state a non-self-sufficient and “usurper”, adding that he was going into opposition. However, Zelensky will have to resist outside the parliament, since the Radical Party was unable to overcome the five percent barrier in parliamentary elections, while the “Servant of the People” won a landslide victory with 43.16% of the vote. We add that the party Vitali Klitschko "Blow" exhibited their candidates only in the majority constituencies.

As for the current head of the Kyiv city state administration, on July 24 Zelensky sent a written appeal to the government to consider the issue of Klitschko’s dismissal, since, in accordance with the constitution, all heads of regional state administrations are required to resign after electing a new president of Ukraine. As the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman, the Cabinet will consider this issue at the next meeting.

In addition, the head of the office of the president of Ukraine, Andrei Bogdan, stated that Klitschko had lost control of the situation in Kiev due to the fact that he had to compromise with the “watchmen” who control the Kiev City Council. Meanwhile, the mayor himself called this statement "bikes from the crypt."

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"It is not clear where they are going to fight"

According to Vladimir Olenchenko, senior researcher at the Center for European Studies at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the association Lyashko and Klitschko is strange both in form and in content.

“They were confused in the current situation. Under the previous government - under Poroshenko - everyone felt for himself a political niche and felt comfortable there, respectively, generated some thoughts and statements. Now, after the presidential and parliamentary elections, the situation has changed a lot, and neither the one nor the other is in demand, ”said the source.

“They understand that voters are turning away from them. Therefore, they are trying to unite the remnants of the electorate and somehow identify themselves as a kind of political movement, with the goal of remaining visible in the Ukrainian political landscape, ”Olenchenko concluded.

In turn, the Ukrainian political scientist and economist Oleksandr Dudchak, in an interview with RT, was surprised at the creation of such a political union.

“I am not sure that Vitaly understood what Lyashko said to him. It is not clear where they are going to fight. Probably, in the vastness of the Kiev authorities, because Lyashko flew past the Verkhovna Rada, for him it is insulting. Now it will be difficult, but it is necessary to adapt somehow, so he found a candidate suitable for himself. They, probably, will find a common language and will create a coalition. There are still many people who have flown by and are used to sitting in the Verkhovna Rada. These are worthy people of each other, ”the expert explained.

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