Smart application Zabihti, registered with the Ministry of Community Development, has been able to attract around 20,000 customers since its inception a year ago.

The application provides livestock selection and slaughtering service and delivery to the customer on demand. It also succeeded in supporting livestock producers and supporting charitable and social work by linking the application to the conservation project.

"The company has been thinking about creating an intelligent application that makes it easier for the customer to get a sacrifice, and avoids the trouble of going to the market to buy sheep," said Ali Mohsen Shuja, director of Al Waha Livestock, the company that founded the application, adding that the service was done on behalf of the client. The qualified staff of the company, consisting of doctors, administrators and workers, to reach his sacrifice in the time and place recommended.

He added that the participation in the Ministry's exhibitions was the reason for spreading the good reputation of the company and the application, in addition to benefiting from the suggestions provided by the ministry, and the advice and guidance they pay To better serve their services.

Shuja added that the company's ambition is to serve the service outside the UAE to serve customers traveling to Europe or to countries where halal meat and poultry are not readily available, noting the possibility of packaging the carcass after preparing, cutting and processing it for traveling with the customer, Those countries.

He said he received considerable support from the ministry. The exhibitions, organized to encourage and support UAE producing families, have helped to inform customers of the application and the type of services it provides. He confirmed the coordination with the Department of Farmers' Service of the Abu Dhabi Regulatory Authority to support the farmers and buy their products from livestock and sheep, adding that this is supported by the support of Abu Dhabi Municipality, Abu Dhabi Regulatory Authority and Al Ain Municipality through the opening of its slaughterhouses.

The application also enabled the support of the Farmers Service Center of the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, a center for providing support to farmers who raise livestock, pointing out that the problem of farmers who had difficulties in marketing their livestock was solved.

He added that the application was able to find the appropriate way for them through the agreement with the Center «Farmers Services», to cooperate with the registered members of the center's 26 thousand farmers, through the purchase of livestock products.

Shuja pointed out that the other purpose of establishing the application is to benefit from the provision of community services. He confirmed the signing of a contract with the UAE Red Crescent Authority to direct customers to donate sacrifices through the Al-Na'ama conservation project, where they put options in the application for those who want to offer sacrifices for sacrifice, . He confirmed the possibility of downloading the Zabihti application on the mobile phone, recording the request of the sacrifice, specifying the time and place, confirming its arrival to the customer according to his request.

4 Benefits of the application

• Serve customers at home and save time and effort on them.

• Serving customers who are stakeholders and senior citizens.

• Serving farmers with livestock products.

• Facilitating the provision of donations to needy and needy families.