Former FvD senator Henk Otten, who was removed from the Forum for Democracy (FvD) group last week, wants to set up his own political movement. He writes that to Nieuwsuur on Monday.

Otten writes to Nieuwsuur that he is going to work on a new movement, with "people who want to realize political renewal." "For people with guts who want to make something of their lives and see concrete results," said Otten to the medium.

Otten also says that he is "relieved" that he is "finished" of Thierry Baudet. "His leadership is unsatisfactory and destructive. His claims to my address are suggestive, in fact often incorrect and, as a whole, disgraceful."

To Nieuwsuur , Otten says he wants to continue to fight against "the priceless climate measures" with his new political movement, for a "controlled immigration policy" and for "rapidly and drastically increasing the disposable incomes of the working middle class in the Netherlands."

Otten expelled from FvD after suspected fraud

FvD announced last week to expel senator Henk Otten from the party because he is suspected of fraud based on an internal investigation into the party administration in 2018.

The internal investigation was initiated on the basis of the financial statements for 2018. When drafting, irregularities emerged, such as a lack of accountability for how the proceeds from the sale of books and FvD promotional material from party members and other sympathizers were spent.

According to the internal investigation, Otten used party funds for an "unauthorized payment" to a relationship on the basis of a false invoice. He has repaid that amount. It would also have appeared that he colluded with the author of that invoice.