Chinese and Russian military aircraft entered the East Sea air defense identification zone (KADIZ) on the morning of June 23, and Russian military aircraft twice invaded our airspace near Dokdo.

The army fired fighters such as the F-15K and KF-16 and fired warning shots against Russian military aircraft.

Joint Chiefs of Staff said, "Two Chinese military aircraft and three Russian military aircraft entered KADIZ this morning, and one of the Russian military aircraft attacked the airspace near Dokdo twice."

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, 6:44 am of China's military aircraft were the first to enter KADIZ in the Northwest, leaving the East at 7:14 am.

He then flew into the Japan Air Defense Identification Zone (JADIZ) and re-entered KADIZ at about 76 miles (140 km) south of Ulleungdo in the 7th to 49th minutes of the morning.

The Chinese military aircraft, which ran the nose to the north, passed between Ulleungdo and Dokdo and left KADIZ at 8:20 am.

At 8:33 am, the Chinese military aircraft joined two Russian military aircraft in the northern part of the North Sea of ​​the East Sea (NLL) and turned the nose to the south.

I will re-enter KADIZ at about 8:40 am near 76 miles north of Ulleungdo.

Four Chinese and Russian military aircraft entered KADIZ together.

The first two Chinese military aircrafts and two military aircrafts that entered KADIZ for the first time left KADIZ in the south of Ulleungdo at 9:04 am.

Apart from two existing Russian military aircraft, the air force commanded a Russian military aircraft to enter KADIZ in the east, and attacked the Dokdo airspace at 9:09 am and took a tactical action.

The Russian military aircraft left the Dokdo area at 9:12 am.

This is the first time a Russian military aircraft has invaded Korean airspace.

Then a Russian military aircraft left KADIZ at 9:15 am, re-entered KADIZ at 9:28 am, and attacked Dokdo's airspace at 9:33 am.

When the Air Force fighter jumped the warning again at 9:37 am, it deviated from the Dokdo airspace and headed north, finally leaving KADIZ at 9:56 am.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the military had taken emergency measures such as tracking, surveillance and flight, blocking maneuvers, and warning fighters by urging air force fighters from when they caught military aircraft in the West Bay of Jeju Island and the North Sea of ​​Northeast Asia.

The Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are going to protest very seriously about the entry of KADIZ of Chinese and Russian military aircraft and the invasion of Russian airplane by air in the afternoon.