As Cheong Wa Dae emphasized overcoming Japan, the Democratic Party continued to criticize me for saying that even if we join forces for the Korean party, we are backing tackles on the mural plate. Then, the Korean party was greeted by the Democratic Party as stirring up anti-Japanese sentiments, but as the relationship between Korea and Japan moved away, the parliament stopped again.

Kwon Ji-yoon will tell the news of politics.


The Korean government has set a date for the Cheong Wa Dae to say that it is no different from the policy of ending the seclusion that Japan overcomes Japan.

[Hwang] / Representative of the Free Republic of Korea: (Cheong Wa Dae) What we need (to us) is not an emotional response, but a practical ideal for overcoming Japan and moving toward the future. "

The government's criticism is that it only raises internal conflicts.

The Democratic Party was accused of being divided into South Korea.

[Lee In-young / Democratic Party leader: If you join forces and stick to government criticism and repackage only back tackles, it is the way to become the X-man. Why does the Free Korean Party criticize the people like the X-Men for Japan (please reconsider)]

As the 21st century expanded to the pro-Japanese controversy, the ruling and opposition parties became farther apart from the Korea-Japan relationship.

Although Japan's Criminal Resolution passed the Standing Committee of the National Assembly today (22nd)

[Yoon Sang-hyun / Free Korean-Speaker (National Assembly Foreign Affairs and Unification Chairman): If there is no objection, he declares his decision.]

The Democratic Party's request for an apology to Japan was replaced by a statement of concern, and the contents of the meeting were clear.

The conflict over Japan 's retaliatory budget has been overturned, and it has been suspended indefinitely.

Representatives of bargaining groups have met today, but even the meeting of one of the two parties has not been able to narrow down the issue.

(Image coverage: Byung-Joo Lee, Ha-Rung, Image editing: Committee member)