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Iran crisis: And suddenly Britain stands alone


Out of loyalty to the United States, the United Kingdom established an Iranian tanker in early July - and thus maneuvered into a situation that completely contradicts its goals.

There is much to suggest that the British regret their Gibraltar naval action two weeks ago against Iranian supertanker Grace 1 . At that time, the Brexit-shaken London had spread by the American hardliners in the White House and confiscated a ship for the first time, which should have oil for Syria on board.

The retribution of the Islamic Republic was not long in coming. Now a British tanker is chained in Iranian waters, hijacked in a similar martial military operation as in the Mediterranean.

But not a second war à la Iraq

And suddenly it's no longer the Americans themselves, but the British, who are at the center of Iran's mess prepared by US President Donald Trump. Spain publicly distances itself from the Gibraltar coup, the EU headquarters in Brussels are silent. In fact, London, like the two other European Contracting States, France and Germany, also wants to stick to the nuclear agreement and believes that Trump's strategy of maximum pressure is wrong.

Also in a possible war on the Persian Gulf England would not be drawn by the United States, to sit its leadership, the Iraq disaster of 2003 under US commander George W. Bush too deep in the bone.

And so the cool-blooded Iranian commando action of the weekend will reveal one thing above all else: the weakness of Britain. Their lonely destroyer in the Strait of Hormuz is unable to effectively protect British tankers. And the bustle of the Revolutionary Guards, London has little more to oppose than harsh words and empty threats.

Source: zeit

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