Friday starts sunny with some clouds here and there. However, during the day thick cloud fields come floating into the country. It will be 22 to 26 degrees.

Especially in the south of the country it will be very sunny today. Nevertheless, the hottest temperatures in the east are measured on Friday. It is virtually windless throughout the country.

In the north of the country it can still rain during the evening, when the sun disappears behind the clouds. But there too, large parts of the day remain dry.

The clouds that come on tonight will stay on until late at night until Saturday. It then cools down to a grade of 17.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Saturday 24 ° 16 ° SW 3
Sunday 23 ° 16 ° SW 3
Monday 27 ° 14 ° Z 3
Tuesday 31 ° 16 ° Z 2
Wednesday 31 ° 18 ° O 2