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The leader of the Gabonese Patriotic Front Gerard Ella Nguéma was arrested Monday, July 15 by the judicial police. The reasons as the circumstances of his arrest remain unknown for the moment.

A judicial source confirmed to RFI the arrest of Gérard Ella Nguéma without giving more details. According to his relatives, the president of the Patriotic Front Gabon is prosecuted for political reasons.

A week ago, the young leader made a sensational exit reading a statement in which he violently attacked the staff of President Ali Bongo. He accused them of taking advantage of his state of health to run the country by proxy, targeting Brice Laccruche Alihanga, chief of staff of the President of the Republic, the first lady Sylvia Bongo, the president of the Constitutional Court Marie-Madeleine Mborantsuo and the first son of Ali Bongo.

" There is no question that chameleons, double-shell turtles, people with excessive ambitions use the disease of the head to manipulate it and use it for personal purposes ," Ella Nguema said.

In Ali Bongo, Gérard Ella Nguéma suggested organizing an early presidential election for his replacement as head of state.

Meanwhile, he called on Gabonese to fight improvisation and amateurism by massively participating in peaceful walks on the sidewalks every Wednesday. The power probably did not appreciate this call.

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