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"Almost a religious axiom": why the US presidential candidate has accused Russia of inciting racial scandal


The scandal around American football players who knelt during the US anthem in protest against police brutality against blacks was fueled by “Russian bots”. This opinion was expressed by one of the US presidential candidates from the Democratic Party, Kamala Harris. Such a statement looks very strange, because many American media widely covered this topic. Experts believe that a new class of politicians began to form in the United States who are looking for simple answers to any questions and are not able to think analytically.

In the political establishment of the United States of America, once again they started talking about “Russian bots”. This is due to the fact that the starting stage of the presidential campaign is gaining momentum. Thus, on June 26-27, the US Democratic Party held debates of its representatives, who intend to become Trump's main rival of Democrats in the upcoming presidential elections in 2020.

The results of this event negatively affected former Vice President Joe Biden, who lost one of the largest sponsors. The reason for this was the statements of the senator from the state of California and the former district attorney of the city of San Francisco Kamala Harris. In particular, she reproached Biden in a hard-line position on the issue of racial equality, and pointed out his statement that, as a senator, he was able to cooperate with his colleagues supporting segregation.

Harris continued to develop this theme, speaking on The Breakfast Club radio program. However, she did not fail to priplesti to this issue "Russian bots".

“They are testing different approaches in order to knock Americans together and make them blame each other. Guess which theme makes the most noise? Racial, ”said Harris.

In this regard, the US presidential candidate recalled Colin Kapernike, a black American football player who was widely known outside the National Football League (NFL). In August 2016, an athlete knelt before one of the matches during the performance of the American anthem. Thus, he protested against the brutality of the police towards African Americans. Later on, other NFL players began to make similar gestures.

  • Archival photo from September 12, 2016. NFL San Francisco club players Colin Kapernik and Eric Reid knelt on the knee during the American hymn
  • © Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images / AFP

“Remember how much noise was raised because of Colin Kapernik and the kneeling situation?” Many clever people said that in fact this issue was inflated by Russian bots, ”the member of the Democratic Party indicated.

Meanwhile, Harris did not specify who she means by "smart people." At the same time, the politician said that she allegedly already felt that she had become a target for attacks from the “Russian bots”.

The claims that the NFL players inflated the “knee-waving” topic with “Russian bots” inflated looks at least strange. The fact is that the American media paid much attention to this issue. As of July 16, over 660 materials on the Kapernik scandal have been published on CNN. There are almost 1,200 mentions on The New York Times newspaper website, 1350 articles and news on Fox News Internet portal.

“The United States is a large country with a vast political landscape and many issues on which the Americans do not have unity. But do not forget that any dispute in the United States is the result of a conspiracy that is coordinated from the other end of the globe. In addition, if you are genuinely concerned with a question, then you are just a pawn in the Kremlin chess game, ”stated RT correspondent Caleb Mopin.

Recall that in May, the investigation into the alleged “Russian interference” in the 2016 elections, which was led by the office of Special Prosecutor of the US Department of Justice Robert Muller, was completed. The document says about the operation allegedly carried out by a private company from Russia, in which citizens of the Russian Federation "pretended to be Americans" in social networks to influence public opinion on the eve of the presidential election, won by Donald Trump.

At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly refuted Washington’s unfounded and unproven evidence on this issue.

“I want to state very clearly: we have not interfered and are not going to interfere in the internal affairs of either the EU countries or other countries of the world. This is our key difference from the United States and a number of their allies, who, for example, supported the coup in Ukraine in February 2014, ”said Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

The head of state, commenting on the report of US Special Prosecutor Robert Muller, indicated that his office “could not gather the facts simply because they do not exist.”

“No need to think, there are answers to all the questions at once”

As the director of the Institute of Contemporary State Development Dmitry Solonnikov noted, the American Democrats still adhere to the tactics of accusing Russia of all the problems existing in the United States.

“First of all, there is no need to think - there are answers to all the questions at once, if something bad happens, you can immediately find the guilty side. A convenient move for current American politicians, ”the expert said.

At the same time, he said that the Democrats had become hostages of this thinking. In addition, in his opinion, the statements of Harris testify to the formation of "a new political class living in the world of fakes and simple solutions."

“This new political class cannot seriously analyze any problem, their task is not to solve the problem, but to say something quick here and now, no matter what happens next, and not be responsible for what will be. This is a serious challenge for the policy of one of the largest economies in the world. Because of this, all mankind may have problems, ”Solonnikov added.

Regular use of the wording “Russian bots” suggests that the American political establishment has a very narrow worldview and at the same time regularly exploits stereotypes. So says Director General of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin.

“The phrase“ the Russians have done this ”is for the United States practically a religious axiom, which they did not want to question even after Robert Muller told them in plain language that there was nothing. The Russians did not take part in Trump’s victory and did not influence him. Nevertheless, the myth still exists and is a cornerstone in the political culture of present-day America. This is regrettable, especially in conditions where the media influence a huge number of people. Any fictional story can become a “historical fact,” and it is no longer possible to erase from the mind of a large number of people. Our American partners use this, ”said Mukhin. - In the end, it turns out that they live in a fictional world that has nothing to do with reality. And this may have sad consequences for the United States themselves. ”

Source: russiart

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