“As a result of an accident, 13 people were hospitalized, including one child,” Svetlana Kuskarbekova, press secretary of the Ministry of Health, told RIA Novosti.

She clarified that eight victims, including a minor, were taken to Ufa hospital.

At the scene there are 14 ambulance teams and psychologists.

In turn, the administration of the republic reported that there were tourists from Tatarstan in the bus who were returning home to Naberezhnye Chelny after participating in a rafting session in Bashkiria.

“Yes, that's right, our tourists. All from Tatarstan, went to (Naberezhnye. - RT ) Chelny, took part in the rafting, ”Tass quoted the deputy head of the press service of the President of Bashkortostan, Lilia Galimov.

Earlier it was reported that in fact of an accident in Bashkiria, a criminal case was initiated under two articles.

On July 14, in Bashkortostan, on the Ufa-Beloretsk highway, a passenger bus turned over, in which there were 39 people.

According to the latest data, six people died as a result of the accident.