The US authorities imposed a $ 5 billion fine on Facebook following an investigation into the failure of the social networking giant to protect users' privacy.

A source familiar with Friday said the Federal Trade Commission this week approved a settlement worth about five billion dollars with Facebook on its investigation in the way to deal with user data.

The committee is investigating allegations that Facebook improperly traded 87 million users with British-based political consultancy Cambridge Anglican.

The investigation focuses on whether data exchange and other disputes have violated an agreement dating back to 2011 between Facebook and the regulator.

Earlier this year, Facebook said it had allocated $ 3 billion to pay a fine of between $ 3 billion and $ 5 billion.

The FTC and Facebook declined to comment.

The source said a final declaration on the settlement could be issued next week.

The settlement is expected to include government restrictions on how Facebook treats users' personal data, the Wall Street Journal reported.