Jeffrey Epstein would have wanted to bribe two potential witnesses, who would know more about the allegation that he sexually abused two minors at the end of last year. The American multimillionaire heard that new accusation in court on Friday.

The multi-millionaire, who became rich as an investor, would have given the pair more than $ 350,000, or about $ 310,000.

The 66-year-old Epstein has been under fire again for several weeks because of abuse scandals from the past. Between 2002 and 2005 he allegedly had dozens of underage girls fly over to his different houses to have sex with them.

Ten years ago, he avoided a possible life sentence for a prison sentence, because of a controversial deal he concluded with the then prosecutor in Florida, Alexander Acosta. Epstein ended up in jail for only thirteen months.

Acosta resigned as Employment Minister this week because his position had become "untenable" due to the controversial deal at the time.

At Epstein, hundreds of thousands of nude photos were found during a house search, probably of underage girls. Nevertheless, he denies being guilty.


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