The family tragedy of Plácido Domingo for Scientology: removed for years from his family

It is likely that anyone who has spent - during working hours - on the street of Santa Catalina in Madrid can relate the same situation: men and women offering a test of p


Plácido Domingo in a recent performance. GTRES

Plácido Jr., his wife, Sam, and his daughters belonged to this movement for years. The tenor came to give two million to see them

The daughter of Tom Cruise, one of the main captors of the Church of Scientology

It is likely that anyone who has spent - during working hours - on the street of Santa Catalina in Madrid can relate the same situation: men and women offering a free personality test. But what's that? For it is one of the most effective ways that Scientology uses to attract new parishioners. In this way, many professionals are interested in Scientology (as it translates into Spanish). A religion, according to its website, "that offers the precise route that leads to an accurate understanding of the true spiritual nature." Although the ex-daughter-in-law of Placido Domingo assures the exact opposite. And it is that Sam Domingo has affirmed in an interview this week, that the aforementioned church is nothing more than a sect that tries to benefit from its followers, as well as breaking families and relationships, in order to maintain their status.

The story of the wife of Placido Domingo's son with Scientology goes back to 1987, when he met the church through a friend. Two years later, she signed a contract of one million dollars to collaborate in an association linked to them and in 1992 she started working at the Celebrity Center of Scientology in Great Britain, in order to gain experience to become supervisor of the courses offered by the church -communication, "cause of suppression", among others. Thus, he began to enter more and more into religion and soon after fell in love with another partner of faith , with whom he got married and became pregnant. However, Scientology forced her to have an abortion , in addition to telling her husband that she had become pregnant on purpose. As a result, their relationship ended in divorce, so Sam never imagined that he would meet his next love also in the movement: Placido Domingo Jr.

She and Domingo met at the same Celebrity Center and their romance was not well received by the top brass either. In fact, according to what Domingo told The Daily Mail on Tuesday, she was forced to spend a year in a rehabilitation program (where people often commit "crimes against the church") . Even so, the couple decided to fight for their union, confronted their companions and soon became respected members, along with their daughters, who were raised according to those doctrines. But everything has its price and, in this case, it is that parishioners should not see themselves with outsiders or with those who do not agree with their beliefs. That is the reason why Plácido Domingo, the tenor, had to pay the educational courses to Sam, his son and his granddaughters in order to see them from time to time. In total, the singer gave more than two million dollars to the church.

In 2008, the relationship between Sam and Placido Junior was shattered. Although the patriarch and interpreter wanted a family reunion for the last time. There, Sam told the former member of The Three Tenors everything he had suffered for Scientology and Plácido - who had always evaded the recruitment attempts by the church - promised to do whatever it took to get his son out of his life. there. In this way, he decided to stop financing it. Then, Sam chose to move away from his ex, in order to save his family. But, according to the Daily Mail, his three daughters were not the only girls who were in danger there, but also the children of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman: Isabella and Connor, who would be subjected psychologically. "Isabella is being used to make public relations, they have no choice but to be the children of their ads," she said.

Similarly, Sam asserted that Connor and Isabella Cruise were normal young men until their father divorced Nicole Kidman. After that, they began to live under the supervision of a cult leader . "After the separation, they were indoctrinated and isolated," he said. On the other hand, another great actor would also be a victim of Scientologists. Because, according to Sam's story, John Travolta would have been urged by Scientology to "resuscitate" the soul of his son Jeff, who died of an epileptic seizure at age 16, and then let him rest in another body. "Kelly Preston became pregnant after a hard work with the church, Ben was born a year and a half after the death of her son and she believed that the child's spirit was Jeff," she said. Despite this, Sam will no longer have to worry about any of that happening again to any relative, since, after 22 years, she, Placido Domingo Jr and her daughters are far from the controversial church.

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