Pablo Iglesias irritates Pedro Sánchez with his query to enter the Government

When Pedro Sanchez began to take the first steps to reach an agreement with United Podemos, Pablo Iglesias began to run to the opposite side. After you publicize me

  • Pactos.Pablo Iglesias launches a consultation to the bases in favor of the coalition government to put pressure on Pedro Sánchez
  • Podemos.Teresa Rodríguez attacks the query of Podemos for being "an insult to intelligence"

When Pedro Sanchez began to take the first steps to reach an agreement with United Podemos, Pablo Iglesias began to run to the opposite side. After the PSOE publicly announced on Thursday that the acting president valued "all possible scenarios", which, translated into understandable terms, meant that it was open for the first time to include ministers of Podemos, Iglesias He called a referendum to the militancy to shore up his thesis.

A movement that has angered the president, according to sources close to him, who did not expect it at this time and who "short-circuits" the negotiation. Although the acting government spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, publicly defended that the decision of Iglesias "does not dynamite" the conversations the real opinion of Moncloa is yes. So much that Sanchez after learning about the media, opens a period of reflection on how to proceed with Unidas Podemos. But also on how to face the investiture and which parties to go and, in general, on the political blockade that Spain suffers. An analysis of damages, of options for the future, after, in his opinion, having made a "generous" offer by promoting ministers of the United We Can in the Executive, people of the party, politicians of course, specialists in their fields, with the only veto is that they are not from the ruling leadership. Neither Pablo Iglesias nor Irene Montero nor others closely linked to them.

That was the last progress, after the failure of contacts with churches throughout this week. In the conversations that since April 28 the two have maintained at some time the topic of the consultation had surfaced. The leader of United We can assured Sanchez that he had to ask the registered and those registered on the agreement but already warned about the result that saw them "very angry" with what the PSOE raised. The position of Iglesias has always won in the consultations that he has done to the militancy, including the question of whether to buy a villa in Galapagar.

"Remote control" questions

Moncloa now sees the questions that Unidas Unidas can ask about the "tele-directed" investiture and governability pact. There is no doubt that the support to "a comprehensive coalition government agreement (programmatic and teams), without vetoes, where the coalition forces have a proportional representation of their votes" and not the proposal of an Executive will be victorious. designed solely by the PSOE, collaboration at administrative levels subordinated to the Government and programmatic agreement ".

An alternative that is no longer such, because the socialist offer has been reformulated and there is no longer a veto for people from United Podemos to be in the party. Who made it clearer this Friday was the vice president of the acting Executive, Carmen Calvo, in an interview at 8 in the morning in La Ser, hours before United We can announce the query. "Names matter very little, only Sanchez's," he said of the future government. The Socialists thus stopped preventing the entry of United Podemos into the Executive. They only conditioned it to reach a programmatic agreement beforehand. And on the points of confluence to place later those responsible for the ministries.

"With United We can find ourselves in many elements of social policy, of solidarity, of equality but we distance ourselves in other matters, what we usually call state policies, in the international level, in the question of Catalonia, " he explained. understand that United We could assume social portfolios but not others where the political position is not coincidental.

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