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Two stores near the Champs-Elysees in Paris were looted by dozens of people on the sidelines of a festive rally after the victory of the Algerian football team at the African Cup of Nations (CAN) . DOMINIQUE FAGET / AFP

After Algeria's victory against Cote d'Ivoire on Thursday (July 11th), thousands of supporters gathered across France to celebrate the qualification for the semi-finals of the CAN. An evening marked by the death of a mother, scuffles and dozens of arrests.

If the group of supporters of Algeria in France were mostly festive, they turned to drama in Montpellier, where a supporter of 21 years lost control of his vehicle and broke a family. The 42-year-old mother was killed, her baby seriously injured. The young man was taken into custody for "manslaughter and unintentional injuries".

In Marseilles, where some 9,000 people were gathered, security forces used tear gas to contain the crowd and a dozen policemen were slightly injured. In Tours, in the center of France, a French flag has been degraded and replaced by an Algerian flag.

In Paris, as 3,000 supporters celebrated the victory on the Champs-Elysees, small groups looted two motorcycle shops around midnight. An hour later, other windows were broken and clashes took place between police and projectile launchers. Following these incidents in the capital, 40 people were placed in custody including 10 minors for fires and projectile throws and more than 50 video-verbalisations for traffic offenses were also recorded. In total, 74 people were arrested across the country.

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