Children of Dutch jihadists will be accommodated at a special reception location upon arrival in the Netherlands. There they will be observed and supervised 24 hours a day to determine whether they pose a threat to society, the AD reported Friday.

Children who are less than nine years old will also be assessed on their mental condition when they return.

At the reception location, an assessment can be made as to whether and what trauma the children have sustained and what assistance is needed. According to AD, the children will be completely isolated and will not stay with their peers in an institution.

No children of returned jihadists have yet been placed in an institution, according to the newspaper. It is also not yet known which reception locations will be taken into use.

Children may have received combat training

Intelligence service AIVD states in a previously published report that children from the age of nine may have received combat training in the caliphate of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group.

210 Dutch children of jihadist parents are currently staying in Syria and Turkey. More than 10 percent of them are nine years or older. There is a lot of debate in politics about bringing the children back.

Since the Arab Spring began in 2010, at least fourteen children of jihadist parents have returned to the Netherlands. They were all younger than nine years old.


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