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Cameroonian opponent John Fru Ndi was released on Saturday night after being detained for more than 24 hours. Joined Sunday by RFI, he confirms to have been kidnapped by a group claiming the Ambazonian Anglophone rebellion.

Since Saturday, June 29 in the evening, around 22:00, John Fru Ndi is free. The president of the SDF was kidnapped Friday by unidentified individuals at the entrance to his home in Bamenda, in English-speaking Cameroon, in the grip of a separatist sling. .

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This is his second kidnapping in two months and again by rebels of the Ambazonian movement. John Fru Ndi tells for the first time his detention in a foreign media.

John Fru Ndi: I heard some noise in the house, then a shot, I got up, I was in bed. They grabbed me and dragged me to the ground. I tried to explain to them that I had just left the hospital, I asked them if I could take my medicine with me. In the bush, I could not take my medicine. They released me at about ten o'clock last night and I am now back home.

RFI: Who kidnapped you? Do you know the exact group?

It was a group of Ambazonian separatists. They took pictures with me in the bush. They hoisted an Ambazonian flag and sang the Ambazonian national anthem.

Did they tell you why they kidnapped you?

They kidnapped me twice. They kidnapped my brother twice, once my sister. They burned my car, set fire to one of my parcels. They do all this because they accuse me of not supporting them and they want me to remove my deputies from the Cameroonian parliament. I was not in a good mood to negotiate, but I asked them to release me so I could talk to my MPs, senators and mayors to see what approach to take.

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