VIDEOS - Record bursts have been recorded during this violent storm. Thursday morning, many videos circulated on social networks.


A spectacular hailstorm hit Toulouse Wednesday night. Winds up to 137km / h have hit the region, a record of records since 1999. Impressive videos have circulated on social networks.

"It fell at once, it was very impressive.In less than 10 seconds there was a torrential rain, it was curtains of water and hail," reports to Europe 1 Juliette. The 22-year-old driver was returning from an evening at the restaurant and found herself stranded in the middle of the deluge. "We could not see anything on the road, I felt like I was driving in the water, we could not even see the sidewalks, there were trees everywhere on the road, with a lot of branches," she says. .

#Orage - A gust of 137 km / h has been recorded at # Toulouse-Francazal, a priori wind record for this station!

- Keraunos (@KeraunosObs) June 19, 2019

VERY SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS on #toulouse serious situation #great 137km / h reported on Francazal! @iti_itti for @ / i9mX0WoiGq

- Weather forecast Pyrenees (@Meteo_Pyrenees) June 19, 2019

"In the car, we clearly felt that there was wind, [...] we were jostled in all directions," says the young woman. "I had a big fright because I had no battery, I was alone in the car, there were many cars stopped on the side. [...] Although I knew the road by heart, it took me a long time to get home. "

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The weather has caused a lot of damage, reports France 3, including water infiltration in homes and cellars, but the extent was not known Thursday morning. Severe thunderstorms also erupted in the Hauts-de-France on Wednesday, with floods in some communes, and a house struck by lightning in Saint-Amand-les Eaux in the North; the roof was completely destroyed by the fire that followed. Thursday, the weather will remain stormy on the Pyrenees and the North-East.