The parents of the victim of painting a Spanish flag: "We do not want her to do it to another child"

The parents of a student of 10 years of a school in Terrassa (Barcelona) presented on Tuesday a complaint to the Mossos d'Esquadra for the alleged assault of a teacher

  • Terrassa.Denuncian the aggression of a teacher to a student for painting a flag of Spain

The parents of a student of 10 years of a school in Terrassa (Barcelona) filed a complaint Tuesday before the Mossos d'Esquadra for the alleged assault of a teacher on her daughter. According to the minor's family, the teacher attacked her after she painted a Spanish flag on a school album. The Police of the Generalitat confirms the existence of the complaint for minor injuries and will shortly transfer the case to the court.

In parallel to the complaint, the Ministry of Education of the Generalitat has also opened an investigation to find out what happened at the school of La Font de l'Alba and are waiting to receive a report Territorial Services. As explained by the mother of the child to this newspaper, the family has already received the call of the inspector of Ensenyament and they are in contact with the school. In statements to the Ser network, the teacher's environment denied the family's version and assured that the girl was taken out of class, without violence, for refusing to do the task that had been entrusted to them.

At the moment, the girl will not return to school neither today nor tomorrow, the two remaining days of school before the holidays. According to the mother, her daughter "does not want to meet the teacher again, she is afraid of him" . Questioned about what happened, the woman denied that they had had "any ideological problems" with the teacher, who also taught her. "We do not work in any party but we do not want something like that to happen to our daughter again," he said.

Medical part of the Terrassa hospital with the family version.

The woman said that the alleged assault occurred around 12.45 Tuesday, in one of the last classes of the day. His daughter, along with the rest of the students, had the assignment to finish some albums by the end of the course. The girl drew on her a Spanish flag and the phrase "Viva España" , at which time, according to the family's version, the teacher shouted "no flags" and broke the drawing. Then he grabbed her shirt and knocked her to the ground , hitting her back, before pulling her "out of the neck".

This version is also included in the medical report written by a pediatrician at the Terrassa Hospital , to which the parents took their daughter. The part, disseminated by social networks where a campaign of solidarity with the child was activated and the name of the teacher was disseminated, does not refer serious contusions. The family has left the matter in the hands of a lawyer, although they advocate "going to the end" and that the teacher "does not do the same with any other child".

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CataloniaDenunciation of the aggression of a teacher to a student in Terrassa for painting a Spanish flag

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