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Khashoggi and Morsi .. Participants of freedom and "assassination" and shock


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The painful death of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has brought many questions on the banks of the Nile of Arab freedom and the rubble of the spring revolutions that ended in a painful summer and heavy blood in more than one Arab field.

The death of Mursi is a result of long prison terms, torture and prevention of treatment, to denounce the flames of what some call "official Arab terrorism" about the ashes of the Saudi writer Gamal Khashoggi, and about the convergence between what others call "the most horrible crimes" in one year Arab lean years.

Repair from within the power
Khashoggi and Mursi belong to the School of Reform from within the Authority, both of which have the power to be controlled by strong elements who do not share their reformist ideas, but do not share the right to life at all.

Khashoggi was burned in Hellfire fire no less flame than those that burn Yemen and other bleeding Arab blood.

Morsi has been left in solitary confinement for six years, not a non-committal companion who cuts off the silence of the night and the gloom of a tight prison. During his six years in prison, he was taken to solitary confinement, until he ended up as a "martyr" before the courts.

The death of Mursi provoked widespread grief in many parts of the world (Anatolia)

In love with the country
The passion of Morsi and Khashoggi love their countries, and the two were always chanting their love for Egypt and Saudi Arabia, chanted by Khashoggi in his multiple media before it was introduced into the oven of flame, and was the last talk Morsi to the judges Sisi, according to media sources:

my country and if it Opressed me is dear to me
And Ahli, and they slept on Kram

Before raising the index finger to the sky and handing the soul to its creator, announcing the lifting of his judicial file to the Supreme Court.

The pain of the masses and the shock of the killers
Mursi and Khashoggi share another aspect of crime and punishment. Millions of free people in the world have found themselves in a state of sadness over the two incidents, especially for an elected president who is put in a bitter prison for six years before a dead body is shed by disease and calamities.

In contrast to the mass pain, the "jeratmans" often hit the Arab rulers with very little exception to the shock of their silence. And long suffering.

The Arab silence was accompanied by an official international silence this time, in contrast to the case of Khashoggi, in which the world was found, especially the United States, whose press and some of its legislators pressured Saudi Arabia.

US officials may also have found it an opportunity to blackmail Saudi Arabia, which has pocketed US pockets of money to hide the crime and its legal effects, before the condemnation resurfaces in the report of UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings and Extrajudicial Executions, Agnes Kalamar, Saudi Jamal Khashoggi is "extrajudicial murder" and Riyadh is responsible for it.

A nine-month-old cloud of Khashoggi's murder; his case is still alive (Anatolia)

The dilemma of the counterrevolution
The leaders and circles of the counterrevolution - especially in Saudi Arabia - are paying the price of Khashoggi's murder in international forums, blackmailing the circles of influence, and a permanent disclosure to the constitution of the actions and practices of Saudi and Emirati rulers.

The two countries - in addition to the Sisi regime - have been present in every detail of the scene, from the siege of Morsi, a ruler in the palace of Egypt to overthrow him and then put him in solitary confinement To burn his supporters with fire and flame in the fields of Cairo.

And finally his painful death, which came one day after the visit of the head of the UAE intelligence Tahnoon bin Sheikh Zayed to Egypt, a visit that did not miss a former director of French intelligence to link them to the sudden death of Mursi, according to media outlets.

On the pages and the air of the Egyptian media, there is "a lot of talk on the banks of the Nile." Harafesh speaks about the natural death of Mohamed Morsi al-Ayyat, as if the civil separation in the military rule of Egypt had not been for decades.

In the depths of the Egyptian people, tragedy and sorrow shine on a man whose name is written with a supply of struggle, pain and "martyrdom" in the history of Egypt.

Morsi's children say that history will do justice to him and that noble death will bring him out of the throats of punishment to the space of hope. His wife says to the rulers of Egypt, "preach an indescribable vengeance." On the other side, Khashoggi's fiancee said: Justice will take its course even after a while.

Source: aljazeera

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