For lovers of reading and swimming .. Amazon introduces a new reader

Amazon announced the launch of the new Kindle Oasis Kindle e-book reader.

The company said the new model features a seven-inch backlit paperwhite screen similar to the previous model, and the company has improved the electronic ink technology used in the new model.

The Baburight screen allows for reading, such as printed paper, and does not cause any effects of reflections under the bright sun. The new model provides the user with the ability to control the color temperature so that it can be set to automatically adjust to the lighting conditions, for example at sunrise or sunset. The US company improves browsing, and the new e-book reader is available in granite or gold.

Amazon's new Kindle Oasis is promoting beach and pool reading enthusiasts with water resistance, where the new Amazon can withstand fresh water fall for 60 minutes and two meters deep.

The company announced the launch of the new device starting July 24 for a price starting from $ 250.

ref: aljazeera