Zakharova appreciated reports of oil supplies from Venezuela to the USA

Maria Zakharova, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, commented on her Facebook page on media reports about the resumption of Venezuelan oil purchases by the United States.

She noted that according to some media reports, the US Department of Energy decided to resume oil supplies from Venezuela from May 11 after a two-week pause.

At the same time, as reported, the volume of deliveries for the week amounted to 49 thousand barrels per day.

In this regard, Zakharov recalled the words of US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams, who in an interview with Reuters on March 10 said that the United States intends to achieve complete isolation of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro by stopping any commercial transactions with the government.

“And so every time. They beat everyone up for something, then they change the maneuver by 180 degrees, throwing those who caved in, ”the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry wrote.

ref: russiart