Pablo Ibar, sentenced to life in prison

Pablo Ibar has been sentenced to life imprisonment. The same jury of the Miami court that on January 19 found the Spaniard guilty of a triple murder committed in Flor

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Pablo Ibar has been sentenced to life imprisonment. The same jury of the Miami court that on January 19 found the Spaniard guilty of a triple murder committed in Florida on June 27, 1994, he has just chosen between the two remaining options: life imprisonment or death penalty. The 12 members of the jury have not agreed on a death sentence, which required unanimity, and have had to issue a verdict of life imprisonment.

Finally, after 25 years of judicial process, 16 of which happened in the corridor of death, this prisoner of 47 years will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Pablo Ibar thus becomes the only Spaniard sentenced to life imprisonment in the world.

The nephew of the historic boxer José Manuel Ibar Urtain has suffered the least bad of the combinations, since the verdict of death penalty would not only have demanded the unanimity of the jury, but the ratification of the judge. Another option was for the magistrate to reduce the death penalty of the jury to life imprisonment. And the third possibility, which has been imposed, was in the division of the jury: with a single member opposed to the death penalty, the ruling would be imprisonment forever.

Actually, the decision that has just been known is not the absolute end of the process, but a relative principle of the end. And it is that the defense of Pablo Ibar is going to appeal the sentence with the objective that the trial be repeated, since it considers that the judge, Dennis Bailey, has not been impartial. Whether or not the trial is repeated and the appeal triumphs or not, the procedure will probably last several years, which will prolong, even if unfortunately, the life of Ibar.

What has just happened in Florida is the result of the last part of the fourth trial to which Pablo Ibar has been subjected since 1994 and which began in November 2018. During the four days of the sentencing phase, held from last week until This Wednesday at the Fort Lauderdale courthouse, relatives of the victims and the accused, fingerprinting experts and prison officials who have shared with Ibar for many years on death row, have been heard.

The most moving testimony was that of Ibar's wife, Tanya Ibar Quiñones, who on Tuesday addressed the jury and, between sobs, asked the six men and six women who compose it not to sentence her husband to death. "He is a good man, he is an exemplary father for our children (seven and 12 years old), who admire him, we have been together for 21 years and he has asked me to remake my life, but I firmly know what the truth is and That's why I'm still fighting, I love Pablo and I can not imagine life without him. " When hearing the testimony of his wife, Pablo Ibar could not avoid the tears.

On the other hand, the witnesses of the Prosecutor's Office endorsed that the imprisonment marks that the prisoner has lent to the investigation in the last weeks coincide with those that were collected at the place of his arrest one month after the crime, a house assault perpetrated on July 14. 1994 by which the Spaniard was already tried and found guilty of breaking and entering and stealing jewelry. Even so, the judge admitted the testimony of Natalia López Montoya, who lived in a house in Miami Dade, near where Ibar was arrested along with two other men. The woman declared last Thursday that Ibar threatened her with a knife during that assault. The defense protested several times, argued that the facts were already tried and recalled that Ibar was never convicted of threats.

Also called by the Prosecutor's Office, four relatives of the three victims of the murder (a businessman from nightclubs and two models) emotionally narrated the damage that these losses caused in their lives.

The defense obtained the testimonies of Santiago Cabanas, current ambassador of Spain in Whasington and consul in Miami between 2005 and 2010, and Cándido Creis, current consul in Miami. The two diplomats described their assistance to Spanish prisoners abroad, highlighted Ibar's "positive and respectful" attitude and underlined the "seamless union" between the defendant and his family. "Pablo's life is important for his family and Pablo's family is important to him," they said as an argument against the death penalty, an illegal punishment in Spain and admitted in some US territories, such as Florida.

Cándido Ibar praised his son's strength of character, said that he had always been a good sportsman and that he grew up in a middle class urban environment.

The three brothers of Pablo Ibar spoke of him as an example of "positive force" for their lives. And one of his nephews considered that his uncle Pablo, whom he has visited more than 500 times in prison, has replaced the figure of his absent father.

Ron McAndrew, former warden of Starke prison, where Pablo Ibar spent his 16 years on death row, described the behavior of the Spaniard as "irreproachable" and testified before the jury that he knows "no other case that has generated such a level of support ».

Shortly before that testimony, Pablo Ibar had lost his nerve. It happened after the judge admitted as a witness a prisoner on death row who said he had been shot by Ibar, a complaint that officials considered to be baseless, but which the judge decided on Monday to assess. At that moment, Pablo Ibar got up from the bench, pointed to Judge Bailey with his finger and accused him of a lack of impartiality, of always going against him and of constantly favoring the Prosecutor's Office. Ibar told the magistrate that this prisoner systematically denounces every cellmate, has been removed from the corridor and is in psychiatric treatment. After a few seconds, the Spaniard calmed down and sat down again.

And after the last session this Wednesday, Pablo Ibar got back on his feet. But this time to hear a verdict that will condition what remains of life.

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