A 20-year-old Arab boy killed his girlfriend and seriously injured his colleague due to jealousy and suspicion of a relationship. He then handed himself over to Ajman police and admitted his crime.

The director of the Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation of Ajman Police, Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Said al-Nuaimi, that an Arab young man named AK in the second decade of life working as a security guard in a private company, attended to the city police station Shamil and clothes stained with blood, and confirmed that he killed His girlfriend and his co-worker.

Immediately, a team from the Investigation Department moved to the crime scene in Al-Nakheel 2 area, where the victim was seen lying on the ground in the parking lot of the building, bleeding in a severe bleeding. He was found to have a serious head injury and is still alive. He was taken to Sheikh Khalifa Hospital for treatment.

At the scene of the crime, the crime instrument was found behind the building, a plow with a wooden handle with two pointed heads. The necessary legal measures were taken to show that the victim was an Arab in the fourth decade of age.

According to the confessions of the accused, he admitted that he met his colleague at 10pm. After a verbal altercation between them, he took a plowing tool and hit a colleague on the head. He immediately left the room thinking that he had died and then called his girlfriend (Arab in the third decade) Rashidiya, and on his way through one of the shops and bought a medium sized scissors and moved to meet them in their usual place at the top of the tower at about 11 pm, and when he saw her stabbed her in the neck and then raided the corners of her body until she died, and stayed in the place until the hour Then he went to the police station The city itself has a ladder.

For the reason he did it, the offender reported that he had been in contact with the woman for almost three years. Their relationship began to worsen about a year ago, and he suspected that the victim had a relationship with her and was on his job and tried to kill him. The necessary legal procedures have been completed and the accused and the case file have been referred to the Public Prosecution.

The director of the Criminal Investigations and Investigation Department confirmed that the victim was in a stable condition and left the hospital. He called on the public not to hesitate to report any person attempting to commit any crime or other offense punishable by law. Tampering with the security of the homeland and the safety of citizens and residents.

The accused bought a pair of scissors and punched his girlfriend several lethal stabs.