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Before decision on registration: Decision on e-scooter - That's what it's all about in the Bundesrat


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Berlin (dpa) - They should be new mobility services in cities, but also raise concerns: Whether small electric scooters are allowed in Germany, will probably decide today in the Bundesrat.

The Landkammer is to vote on a planned ordinance of the Federal Government. However, changes are still expected in the plans of Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU). Among other things, slower e-scooters should not drive on sidewalks so as not to endanger pedestrians. Scheuer has already signaled agreement on this point and is aiming for a speedy start of the new companion in the summer.

For the e-scooters to get the green light, the Federal Council must approve the regulation. However, the committees of the state chamber recommend this only with several amendments, which are now being voted on in plenary. Scheuer has already cleared away the biggest issue and wants to delete the use of sidewalks. The plans he has presented so far envisage that e-scooters that are slower than 12 kilometers per hour (km / h), should run at a walking pace on sidewalks. Now it is becoming clear that all e-scooters on bike paths, as it was originally intended only for faster companion from 12 km / h. The Federal Council committees also consider that subdivision into two such categories is generally impracticable.

A second major aspect that is voted on in the Bundesrat is the age rating. Scheuer wants to allow slower electric scooters up to 12 km / h from 12 years, faster from 14 years. On the other hand, several Federal Council committees recommend that scooters are generally only allowed at the age of 15 - whether this will be a majority in plenary must be shown. It applies that the Federal Government would have to implement the regulation with all changes of the Federal Council - otherwise it could withdraw the regulation for the time being again.

The Federal Association for the Environment and Nature Conservation (BUND) warned of disadvantages for cyclists in the approval of e-scooters: "We run the risk that motorized on non-motorized traffic displaced on bike paths," said BUND traffic expert Jens Hilgenberg the "New Osnabrücker Zeitung »(Friday). In European cities, rental scooters would be replaced and scrapped after three months. "Not only is there a danger that inner cities will fill up with scrapped e-scooters. It would also waste problematic raw materials such as lithium and aluminum, »said Hilgenberg.

The Head of the Section Prevention of the German Society for Orthopedics and Traumatology (DGU), Christopher Spering, warned in the newspaper before a significantly increased risk of injury. "In city traffic e-scooters are highly dangerous - also because other road users are extremely difficult to adjust." Sills of the scooters are deep, so that in case of falls, the foot can quickly catch under it.

To be admitted e-scooters that drive at most 20 kilometers per hour fast. A helmet duty should not exist, even a moped driver's license do not need drivers. Unlike bicycles, the new e-scooters should also be insurable.

Federal Council on e-scooters

Source: zeit

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