Peter R. de Vries says on Tuesday that he is on the death list of top criminal Ridouan Taghi. That would be a consequence of statements he made about the still fugitive man. According to the crime reporter, Taghi has ordered him to liquidate.

De Vries reports to De Telegraaf that he was told by the Public Prosecution Service that Taghi has paid a hired assassin to kill him.

"I can only advertise this now," De Vries tells the newspaper.

De Vries is not the first journalist to be threatened by Taghi. Crime reporter John van den Heuvel would also be threatened by the criminal. Because of this, he was unable to come to the RTL Boulevard studio for some time.

OM: Fugitive criminal responsible for multiple liquidations

Taghi is held responsible by the judiciary for having multiple liquidations carried out. This includes the murders of Samir Erraghib (2016) and Hakim Changachi (2017). The group around Taghi would also be responsible for the shooting of crime reporter Martin Kok in 2016.

In addition, the fugitive criminal would have had the attack on De Telegraaf carried out. A man drove a car into the editorial office last year and then set the vehicle on fire.

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