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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the United Nations Security Council meeting convened by Washington on the situation in Venezuela on January 26, 2019. REUTERS / Carlo Allegri

The UN Security Council has been meeting since Saturday morning on the situation in Venezuela. Claimed by the United States, this meeting did not allow to adopt a joint declaration to recognize the President of the National Assembly Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela. Washington, which is pressuring its allies to support the democratic transition in Caracas, has met with strong opposition from several members of the Security Council. The meeting takes place in an extremely tense atmosphere.

With our correspondent in New York, Marie Bourreau

The Security Council meeting also started with a procedural vote called by Moscow to try to prevent the meeting from being held on the pretext that the situation in Venezuela does not pose a risk to peace and security in the world. .

In the absence of sufficient votes, she was able to stand, but in an extremely tense atmosphere with a very direct confrontation between the United States and Russia.

Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State highlighted the dramatic humanitarian situation in the country. Three million Venezuelans have already fled the country. Former president Maduro, he said, has reduced his population to search the trash before launching to his allies: " Either you are on the side of the forces of freedom, or on the side of Maduro .

Russia and China have denounced the US interference in what they consider to be an internal matter in Venezuela. Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebienza even mentioned " the dirty games of the United States ". It's a " coup attempt ," he said, and regime change.

Venezuela rejects Europeans' ultimatum to call elections

European states gave the Venezuelan government eight days to organize new elections. The head of Venezuelan diplomacy made the trip to New York. He was on the defensive. Where does Europe get the idea that it can impose elections in Venezuela, he said.

" Nobody is going to give us deadlines or tell us whether elections should be called or not, " said Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza. " Who are you to give an ultimatum to a sovereign government? ". "It's interference, infantile," he added. " Emmanuel Macron would do better to deal with the crisis of" yellow vests "instead of taking care of our business, " he said.

Positions very fixed and very split that do not allow, for the moment, to hope for a resolution of the crisis under the aegis of the Security Council. Caracas seems ready for the showdown. His head of diplomacy spoke of an army ready to defend Venezuela's Constitution.