Torra responds to the beginning of the "judgment of shame" by asking the government for dialogue with international mediators

The president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has once again demanded that the government of Pedro Sánchez sit at the table of dialogue with mediators from the international community to


The president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, at the doors of the Supreme Court Rodrigo JiménezEFE

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The President of the Government of Catalonia, Quim Torra, has once again demanded that the Government of Pedro Sánchez sit at the table of dialogue with mediators from the international community to discuss the right to self-determination that, according to him, claims the majority of Catalans Despite being tough with the court that will judge the sovereign leaders and classify the trial as "unworthy" and "shameful" since it is a "revenge and a punishment", Torra has requested the file of the cause and at the same time This dialogue that the Government, for the moment, rejects.

On the negotiation with the Government, Torra recalled that they want a "political solution to the conflict" and again demanded a referendum of self-determination for Catalonia . Among his demands were also the consensual figure of the rapporteur, ending "repression" and a specific calendar to discuss these proposals. Those have been the demands of the president so that the independence movement can approve the General Budgets of the State.

In addition, Torra said they have gone to the negotiating table with political prisoners and escaped and stressed that "in the two meetings with Pedro Sanchez we talk about everything" and does not know what happened last Wednesday for the rupture to occur.

The president of the Generalitat pointed to the fear of the Columbus demonstration and the return of the "old rancid PSOE" that he identified with Felipe González and Alfonso Guerra . He also asked Sánchez to return to 2012, when the PSC demanded the right to self-determination, so that he could hear the "clamor of Catalan society".

From the headquarters of the Generalitat in the Blanquerna cultural center of Madrid , Torra described this trial against the sovereign leaders as "an act of revenge against a people who put their bodies against the batons" and also stressed that they will go to all international courts to denounce violations against imprisoned politicians.

In addition, the president of the Generalitat wanted to denounce a "political persecution" against the separatists and after demanding "impartiality" the court demanded that they meet the demands of the defendants' lawyers to file the case "of a trial that should never have occurred in a State that wants to be democratic "and leave them free. Torra asked international jurists and human rights organizations to denounce "a farce trial and denounce the violation of rights."

In his intervention in the capital of Spain , Torra also took the opportunity to launch a dart at the Government of Sanchez. "The PSOE, what do you want to close a way to the problem of Catalonia or approve Budgets?", Has launched the president of the Generalitat, after being asked about the possible electoral advance that could be planning Pedro Sanchez. "Mr. Sánchez will decide which is the best date for him," he said.

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