“As is known, the United States themselves took the initiative to terminate this INF treaty, since they are interested in their deployment in Eastern Europe. Thus, they will be able to maintain their military presence and continue the policy of the actual occupation of Europe. But, after the world community was outraged by the intention of the United States to withdraw from the treaty, which, according to many experts, is the cornerstone of modern security architecture, they began to look for more weighty arguments and even tried to accuse Russia of violating the conditions of the INF Treaty, ”the MP said .

Morozov also noted that "the United States will continue to find fault with the answers of the Russian side and will again use everything as a pretext and proof of the expediency of withdrawing from the treaty."

Earlier, Thompson reported that the United States gave Russia a letter demanding compliance with the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Short Range Missiles.

Expert Vladimir Prokvatilov commented on NSN on the situation with the contract.