The mountain that swallowed Julen and does not let go: the Cerro de la Corona de Totalán

María still does not understand how a lost mountain, forgotten and practically nonexistent except for the locals as she has become, suddenly and strongly, on the planet stage


Night view of Totalán, the town of Julen, the boy who fell into a well. JORGE GUERREROAFP

Last minute of the rescue of Julen, the child who fell into a well in Totalán

The rescue of Julen live

The doubts about the Julen case, the boy from the well

The family photo that confirmed to the Civil Guard that Julen fell into the well

The emotional letter of a civil guard from the rescue of Julen

Maria still does not understand how a lost mountain, forgotten and practically non-existent except for the locals as she has become, all of a sudden, on the planetary stage of a thriller that if it were not dramatically real would seem like a Buñuel movie produced by Netflix .

María, a middle-aged neighbor, does not understand it. "It's amazing what is happening here." What is happening here is that Cerro de la Corona , in Totalán , is undergoing an unimaginable open-air surgery to remove what he has been hiding for 10 days in his stomach, which he swallowed: Julen Roselló , two years, he ate a bag of worms when he fell about 80 meters deep and the mountain devoured him.

Since then everything is hyperbolic in one place, the Cerro, paradigm of the opposite and transmuted into an open pit mine in just a few tens of hours. The 17 olympic dirt pools evacuated from the place. The year that would usually take jobs like these, compressed in just a few days of impetuous countdown. The febrile succession of levels reached in the mad race to recover as it is to the kid: -20, -25, less anything . The dozens of companies that offer means, ideas, trucks that simply do not fit through the open roads at full speed for the machines, some trails that are the funnel of a global anxiety, as is the hole through which the child fell.

All this, marred by the hundreds of journalists who roam the area and ridicule the stupefied inhabitants of the place looking like crazy news that will not exist until it exists, and forced, in full desperate wait, to write texts like this one, without any news, with informative substitutes.

All this happens and everything observes the Hill, cordoned off by the Civil Guard and almost impregnable to hundreds of meters, and observes it in an impassive and apparent silence. Desmochada, slashed almonds and their olive trees in the frantic search, the mountain, near the sea but in a very abrupt environment, refuses to let the child go.

Even in its evident statism, the Hill was able to shrink on Tuesday, according to geologists, so that the tunnel parallel to the hole through which Julen fell did not serve the miners who will try to rescue the child. "The earth varies in this type of drilling, it changes," the experts explain to a country that suddenly studies geology in prime time , and that in a hurry has learned that the micachists , slates and phyllites of the place (especially limestones and sandstones) ) are harder than previously thought.

The tomb of the Moor: the 10 children who swallowed the Hill

But it is that the Hill, with top to 352 meters above sea level, already swallowed before, in one way or another, other children, at least figuratively. At the beginning of the 90s, a teacher from the school of Totalán , Our Lady of the Rosary , insisted on putting in value what had been calling in the town since always The tomb of the Moor . An archaeological study then discovered a megalithic dolmen from the 5th century BC, with human remains of at least 10 people spread over 2,300 fragments. All this in the same Cerro de la Corona , not far from where today is Julen, 600 meters from Totalán. Two of those bodies buried in the mountain are of children between 3 and 4 years , ruled the studies.

Along with the bones also appeared, very close to where Julen is looking for, a glass, a bowl and a piece of polished ax, small tools of a human group probably dedicated to agriculture and livestock, taking advantage of whatever the characteristics of the land , according to the Archaeological Yearbook of the Junta de Andalucía of 1995. That is to say, 25 centuries ago the man was already looking for water in the same place where David was looking for, the owner of the farm in whose subsoil remains Julen. The difference is that now the search is against the clock and the mountain has been turned around like a sock to free the child.

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