The largest encyclopedia in English documenting the history of Palestine for four centuries

Hadeel Al Rawabdeh - Amman

While the Zionist enemy continues its serious attempts to falsify the history of Palestine and dissolve its identity, the youngest historian of the Guinness Book of Records, Dr. Muhammad Hashim Ghosheh, has studied books, references and manuscripts over the past 12 years, monitoring and documenting details of the Arab identity of Palestine. In English, to put it in the hands of a scientist who respects only documents and evidence.

Dr. Ghosheh travels through his four-centuries ancestral heritage, reviving the details of Palestinian political, economic, social and natural life from 1516 to 1918, culminating in his historic journey, which included 24 volumes distributed in 7,000 pages, 30,000 documents, photographs, maps and illustrations , 2,300 sample seals used to sign agreements and contracts at the time, and archival material previously unpublished.

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The Encyclopedia also included about 3,000 Ottoman documents for Palestinian families, and 1200 other stop-proofs proving that the owners of the land were Palestinians, while eight volumes of the Encyclopedia contained 12,000 drawings by European historians during their visit to Palestine.

The Palestinian Encyclopedia of Dr. Muhammad Hashim Ghosheh contains 24 volumes (Al Jazeera)

Ghosheh, who believes that the time has come to present the Palestinian cause in a new civilizational way, does not forget to include in his book many Palestinian maps, villages and cities, and their Islamic and Christian families, places of worship, celebrations, and customs throughout the years until the end of the First World War.

The encyclopedia does not only document the social and economic life of the Palestinians, but also describes the animals, fish, reptiles, trees and stone. The browser travels to the encyclopedia between the mountains of Palestine and its plain and coast, and smells the smell of its arrival and sees its gazelles and listens to the twittering of its birds. Of Gauche completely.

Strong response
In this context, the media advisor to the author Khalil al-Asali, in his speech to the island Net, that the Encyclopedia "strong response" to all attempts to falsify the history of Palestine and blur their identity and the elimination of the Arab and Palestinian presence in the content of geography and human, historical, civilizational and religious, pointing out that every talk doubts In the Arabism of Palestine is the fabric of the imagination of the author of Hao, as he put it.

Al-Asali goes on to consider that the encyclopedia has become an important academic reference for truth seekers. It can be relied on because it is supported by documented facts, images, maps and drawings that have deeply rooted the name of Palestine in history.

Al-Asali also stressed that the Encyclopedia is the product of 12 years of continuous work and the intensive research of the historian Ghosheh alone, denying the existence of any sponsor or supporter, according to him.

Fair view of the case
While the writer and political analyst Dr. Hassan Al-Barari that Ghosheh gave the world, through its encyclopedia, a new perspective on the Palestinian issue and developments and mechanisms in a scientific manner, enrich the understanding of the reader and Western researcher, according to Al Jazeera Net.

"Most of the historical sources and narratives that exist in the West about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have been formulated in a biased way to the Zionist narrative and are built according to their point of view," he adds.

Al-Barari said in his interview with Al-Jazeera Net that the encyclopedia would favor the public opinion in the world in favor of the Palestinian cause, after it became a good and fair source of the Palestinian right, from which western researchers draw their information and facts.

The historian Dr. Hind Abu Al-Sha'ar agrees with Al-Barari that Dr. Ghosheh succeeded in employing the historical stages over four centuries to affirm the Arab identity of Palestine and the cause of its people.

The Jordanian writer and writer Hind Abu Al-Shaer (Al Jazeera)

"The Encyclopaedia contributed to the protection of the Holy Archipelago, by collecting everything related to Palestine in terms of time, place, and individuals with evidence, documents and manuscripts," she said.

Abu al-Hair explained that the consolidation of the facts contained in the encyclopedia in pictures reduced much of the talk, and the root of the Palestinian scene in detail in the mind of the reader, and anchored in the memory of time, as described.

Encyclopedia of Jordan
In this context, Al-Asali reveals in his speech to the island the intention of Jerusalemite historian Ghosheh to complete his Palestinian book with a Jordanian one, because the latter believes that Palestine and Jordan are two sides of a single coin and that their relationship is one and the history of one of them can not be understood in isolation. Between them.