“The collective West led by the United States no longer considers it necessary to“ launder ”or justify in the media and the world community its puppet regimes. The coup d'état provoked from the outside and the attempt to seize power in Venezuela are a clear confirmation of this. None of the leaders of countries that recognized the anti-constitutional coup in Venezuela, including the United States, Canada, and embarrassingly supporting the coup of France, embarrassed by the frankly cynical and contrary to all principles of law Juan Guaido’s formal statement in which the speaker of the Venezuelan parliament clearly recognizes the illegality of his actions , declared to the whole world: “I swear to formally accept the authority of the country's highest organ as the president of Venezuela,” she said.

Kovitidi also noted that not one of the leaders of the states “in a few minutes after the self-proclamation of the Guayido, including Donald Trump, would have behaved like that, if he touched it personally.”

“Here we would remember about democracy, and even“ last year’s snow ”in Russia. We, Crimeans, who are well acquainted with distorted Western false ideas about democracy, are not surprised by such statements for a long time. Today, Crimeans and all not indifferent inhabitants of the planet are outraged by the open challenge to the world community thrown by the USA and its satellites, imposing their political will and neglecting the sovereignty and national interests of other countries, overt duplicity and openly ignoring all democratic principles, ”the senator believes.

Earlier, Erdogan said that Trump’s decision to recognize Venezuelan Parliament Speaker Juan Guaiido as interim head of state is shocking.