The fashion for the revolution: how young people are taught to make coups on Western money

Recently, young people often become the driving force of protest actions. Students and even schoolchildren participate in them. Boys and girls in the post-Soviet space are not far behind the world trend. From the high-profile speeches of recent years, I recall the Ukrainian “Maidan”, which began with a student strike, rallies in Moldova for unification with Romania, organized with the mediation of the Youth of Moldova movement, and adolescents ’anti-corruption action in Moscow. The coherence of the actions of the protesters, as well as posters and T-shirts with verified agitation symbols indicate the organized nature of this activity. So, the RT correspondent watched the CampSamp international forum in Yerevan, which was attended by opposition members from the CIS countries. During the training, young people were taught to make a revolution with Western money. The key thesis of the curators of these events is “The fight against power must be fashionable.”