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The A3 chain gave the prolegomena a great sense of the show. He remembered the coverage of HBO for the world title fights, including the arrival of the boxers

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The A3 chain gave the prolegomena a great sense of the show. He remembered the coverage of HBO for the world title fights, including the arrival of the boxers - who use a Cadillac Escalade, not a demagogic taxi - with the members of their corners and the warming mittens in the locker room. Then the ring did not leave Lomachenko and that's where everything began to break down.

Once located, Vallés and Pastor's questions seemed like those of a couple's therapy driver who invites patients to vent their feelings by saying what they dislike about each other. That snores That he sleeps with others. That says one thing and does the opposite. That a gang of criminal cronies is brought home. Because so much Casado , who was used in general with greater nerve than the previous day, as Rivera , who exceeded accredited a little repipi as liberal fetén, took the opportunity to endorse Sanchez his biggest burden, that of his compadreos with the worst tribes extramuros conjured for the national blast. That's where Sanchez achieved another feat of what is undoubtedly his main characteristic as a human being, impudence. "Desahogao!" Carmina would have said. If the eve was attributed a rise in pensions due to the budgets of the PP - "And who extended the budgets, huh, huh?" -, on this other occasion, the man who died the motion of censure with independentistas, which sent an emissary to the jail to negotiate with them his Budgets and that he processed while he could the 21 requests of Torra said without flinching: "I have never agreed with independentistas!". Meanwhile, Iglesias remained attached to that attitude of constitutionalist sanctimoniousness that goes through the recreation playground mediating in the fights - "I'm feeling very embarrassed," he even said as a catechist who had been painted a penis in the notes - that the the day before he became a peripheral character and mendacious compared to his own selfhood of the old revolutionary full of verbal violence.

The debate was entangled and dirty, they overlapped, they became childish, they were not understood. He suffered from a problem, the reiterative feeling in the core issues, settled just a few hours before on TVE. That's why the programmers looked for alternative arguments, based for example on moral issues such as abortion, with which everything remained as a debate of the b-side of the disc, already listened to the hit . Sánchez and Rivera became the talk of exchanging books, the trout thesis and the book about Abascal de Dragó , which certainly appreciates the publicity. By the way, has it escaped me or was it ever talked about that historical urgency that was Franco's mummy?

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