According to the expert, over the past five years, Ukraine has experienced “the destruction of the economy and increased credit dependence.”

He also called Ukraine's ridiculous threats against the IMF.

“I will not give popular expressions that can characterize such threats. Who can threaten with what is already clear. This is a late statement. Threatening the International Monetary Fund is unrealistic. Refuse to pay? If the international authorities jointly can still help Ukraine to delay litigation with Russia over the return of the debt, then such ultimatums with the IMF are unlikely to be passed. It’s ridiculous for the IMF to threaten Ukraine, ”he said.

According to the expert, the refusal of Ukraine to pay is also quite satisfied with the IMF. In this case, he “will declare Ukraine bankrupt and will go under the hammer all that has not gone away in five years.”

Earlier, Rabinovich called the IMF an “invasive organization.”

In addition, the deputy told how Ukraine should do business with the IMF. According to him, one should be required to write off debts, and if he does not do this, one should “stop paying all.”